Reputation Ranking of Portugal

Portugal's Reputation Ranking according to G7 citizens

The Reputation Ranking of the 60 largest economies in the world highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the Portuguese economy, from the perspective of citizens of the most industrialized countries. Portugal ranks 18th in the RepCore Nations 2022 ranking, carried out by Reputation Lab, a consultancy specializing in the analysis and management of the reputation of companies and countries.

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Country Reputation Ranking

This study analyzes the reputation of countries with the largest economies in the world and according to the views of the citizens of the G7, the group of most industrialized countries in the world.

The sample consisted of 37.742 people, 60% of the Group of the 7 most industrialized economies in the world-G7 (USA, Canada, Germany, France, UK, Italy and Japan). It also includes 15.132 interviews in markets in other countries, namely Russia and China. These data were collected by online surveys, between March and April 2022.

Reputation Ranking of Portugal

Portugal's Reputation Index was ranked strong and side by side with Great Britain (16), France (17), Germany (19) and Singapore (20).

The RepCore® Nations assessment measures feelings such as admiration, respect and trust.

There are 22 rational attributes that are grouped in the dimensions quality of life, solidity of institutions, level of development, ethics and social responsibility and human factor.

As Peter Drucker said, “you don't manage what you don't measure”. Thus, being able to measure this intangible asset of organizations and countries is a strategic advantage for those who use it. Also for Portugal, recognizing that its reputation is strong, allows it to create strategies to improve it and take advantage of the reputation it already has to promote the export of its products and services, attract more sophisticated tourism, talents and foreign investment and, thus, create value.

Strong points

Portugal's main strengths are ethical and responsible conduct, as well as the stability of institutions.

Also the transparency and absence of corruption, the efficient use of public resources, the effectiveness of the Government and national institutions, at the head of which are respected leaders.

Portugal also received a positive assessment regarding respect for human rights and the fight against climate change.

It should be noted that Portugal is also known for a good quality of life marked by safety, an attractive lifestyle and a welcoming population.

Finally, one of the strengths found by the respondents was the country's sporting successes in various sports, which contribute to its good reputation.


The points mentioned by the respondents, which reveal some of Portugal's weaknesses, were economic, business and technological development, as well as the international recognition of Portuguese brands and companies.

Other less positive points are the perception of the quality of the products, the cultural heritage and the quality of the education system.

The Context of the Most Reputed

Among the 60 most reputable countries, Canada ranks first, followed by Switzerland, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

In sixth to tenth place are New Zealand, Australia, Denmark, Holland and Ireland.

At the bottom of the table is Russia, certainly influenced by the events in Ukraine, followed by Iraq (59), Iran (58) and China (57).

The ranking of the 60 countries with the highest GDP is as follows:

Reputation of the 60 countries with the highest GDP (according to the perception of the G7 countries); Source: RepCore Nations 2022.

6New Zealand
13Spain (España)
16United Kingdom
24United States
26Czech Republic
35South Korea
41South Africa
44Emirados Arabes Unidos
53Niga © ria
55Saudi Arabia

The World View in the Eyes of Russia and China

The study also analyzed the reputation of the 60 largest economies, according to responses from citizens of Russia and China.

The results are diametrically opposite.

Russian citizens consider their country the most reputable and place China in 4th place. The worst reputation was for the USA, Ukraine, Poland and some European countries like the UK and Germany.

China follows a similar pattern, considering China first in reputation, Russia in 4th and relegating the USA to the bottom of the ranking, as well as countries like Japan, India and South Korea.

According to Fernando Prado, partner of the reputation lab and co-author of this study, “working on the “country brand” represents a significant economic return, as it allows empirically demonstrating that a good reputation has an impact on tourism, attracting foreign direct investment and increasing exports”.

The specialist also underlines the impact of this intangible asset on the negotiating capacity of nations: “a country with a good reputation has a great influence in the global community, greater than its economic and military potential would give it, the so-called 'soft power' ".

The RepCore® Nations Model

The RepCore® Nations model is an adaptation of the RepCore® model created to measure the reputation of companies.

This model includes the global emotional reputation indicator, which encompasses 22 rational attributes, including, among others, the efficient management of public resources, security, efficient government and institutions, the provision of leisure and culture and the fight against climate change.

These 22 attributes are grouped into five dimensions, each with different weights. Ethics and responsibility is the dimension that has the most weight, with 24%, followed by the level of development with 22,9%, quality of life, 20,5%, institutional quality, 20,3% and, finally, the human factor with 12,4%.

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