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Online Strategy Games - Towers of Hanoi

The game is a type of activity that combines logical reasoning, strategy and planning, challenging our abilities and skills in a playful and motivating way. Playing games, in particular strategy, observation and memorization games, contributes to the development of cognitive abilities and personal skills. Towers of Hanoi is an online strategy game, licensed for Pássaro no Ombro it is free.

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Game type

Logical reasoning, strategy and planning.

One player.


Online strategy games.


The game has a base with 3 towers (A, B and C) and several numbered discs or rings and the larger the disc the greater the number associated with it.

You can play with more or less discs, up to a maximum of 10 discs, the maximum difficulty.

Online Strategy Games Towers of Hanoi
Online Strategy Games Towers of Hanoi

Tower A is the 'origin tower', B is the 'work tower' and C is the 'destination tower'.

It is one of the online strategy games and, in this game, the goal is to minimize the number of moves until the disks are placed in Tower C.

Once the best result is achieved, a new objective can be defined, time improved or the number of discs increased.


The game starts with all the disks inserted in the source tower and the objective is to move all the disks to the destination tower following the three rules:

  • only the disk at the top of the tower can be moved;
  • the player can only move a disc at each move;
  • a larger diameter disc with a higher number can never be superimposed on a smaller diameter disc with a smaller number.

Towers of Hanoi Game Instructions

Move all rings to Tower C, stacking according to the numerical order.

Click and drag a disk to the Tower you want and click on this Tower to place the disk in it.

At the beginning of the game you can increase or decrease the number of discs by clicking on the arrows. Then, click OK to proceed.

Adjust the Towers of Hanoi rings
Adjust the Towers of Hanoi rings

The options button (gear wheel) allows you to define whether you want to play with the full screen and also adjust the sound of both the game and the background music.

Beginning of the game
Beginning of the game

At the beginning of the game, an ad appears that, if you want, you can skip.


One of the online strategy games, which you can enjoy whenever you want!

This game fits into the use of gamification techniques to improve knowledge and behavioral skills.

In a short interval, exercise your skills to stay on top.

Good strategy games!


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