Quick Calculation Math Game

Math game - Quick calculation

Arithmetic, with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division operations, is used in everyday tasks, scientific research and business. Good math game!

Rules reading time: 2 minutes

Game type

Logical reasoning, calculation speed.

For a player.


Online math game.


Solve the calculations that are presented, without fail and as quickly as possible.

Arithmetic in life, with mathematical games online and free, prepared for you.

Math Game Rules

Do the operations in parentheses first, followed by the exponents.

Then multiplication and division from left to right.

Then addition and subtraction from left to right.

The use of a calculator is not permitted. Don't cheat!


At the end of each game you can record your result and continue with a new game to try to outperform your performance.

Each game has 10 questions that you must answer correctly. If the answer is not correct you should try a new answer. The more attempts you make the worse the result will be.

The options button (cogwheel) allows you to define whether you want to play with the full screen and also adjust the sound of both the game and the background music.

At the beginning of the game, an ad appears that, if you want, you can skip.

Math and Quick Calculation Game. Arithmetic: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division

Purpose of the Math Game

The game is a type of activity that combines logical reasoning, strategy and reflection, challenging our abilities and skills in a playful and motivating way.

The practice of playing, in particular a math, observation and memorization game, contributes to the development of cognitive abilities and personal skills.

Arithmetic is the best known and oldest branch of mathematics and support for all further advancements. Master arithmetic as well as geometry it is, therefore, a challenge for all people and in the playful form of the game, answers are obtained more or less quickly depending on the “handicap” of each one, making it a challenge.


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