Logic Games. Logical and reasoning challenges

Logical Thinking Games - Exit the Car Park

Logical reasoning games are a type of activity that combines strategic thinking and planning, challenging our capacities and skills in a playful and motivating way. Daily practice, in particular logic, observation and memorization games, to the challenges of logic, contribute to the well-being of your brain and the general improvement of your skills.

Rules reading time: 2 minutes

Game type

Logical reasoning and strategy.

One player. Logic game.

Brain gym with logic challenges using logical thinking games. A game that fits the use of gamification techniques.


You have to move the cars that are blocking the red car, so that it can leave the parking lot. You can move the cars backwards or forwards, until you can leave the park with the red car.

Try to plan your moves in advance to have as few moves as possible.

Logical Thinking Games Get Out of Parking Game
Game Image Exit Car Park

Car Park Game Instructions

Drag and move the red car as quickly as possible out of the parking lot. You need to move forward or backward with the other cars to give you passage.

The options button (gear wheel) allows you to define whether you want to play with the full screen and also adjust the sound of both the game and the background music.

At the beginning of the game, an ad appears that, if you want, you can skip.

Let's play one more of the logic games!

Purpose of Logical Reasoning Games

The brain needs to be exercised to maintain good shape.

An interesting way that we have been presenting is to do it with the online games free, in which it is possible to train logic and reasoning and also develop memory, to find the solution and not repeat incorrect steps.

Logic challenges increase the ability to solve problems, favor the power of argumentation and strategy development.

With logic games, we can improve the speed of our thinking.

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Many think that this speed is innate, but if you exercise 5 minutes every day with one of these games, your brain and your cognitive abilities will thank you.

Good logic games!


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4 thoughts on “Logical Thinking Games – Leaving the Car Park”

  1. I managed to reach the end of the last phase (10).
    In fact it forces us to some reasoning of sequential logic that is quite challenging.
    Nice initiative.

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