Health indicators in the world Bloomberg health rank

Health Indicators in the World

Bloomberg and Quint evaluate the quality of health every two years, using the indicators of the healthiest countries in the world. Countries that have sufficient data to characterize their health status are presented. 192 countries were considered in 2022. The Health Ranking of Healthiest Countries.

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Bloomberg's global health indicators

More developed countries tend to be healthier than developing or less developed countries.

In fact, developed countries have a better quality of life, including lower levels of pollution, better infrastructure, health and education systems, healthier food, quality water for human consumption and adequate work.

The country's health level, included in the Bloomberg Global Health Index, considers several parameters, as described below:

  • Health risks such as smoking, high blood pressure and obesity
  • Availability of quality drinking water
  • Average life expectancy
  • bad nutrition
  • causes of death

The report Bloomberg 2022 Healthiest Country Index places the top 50 countries as follows.

Top 50 countries with the best health indicators; Source: Bloomberg
CountryBloomberg Health Index
Spain (España)92,75
The Netherlands85,86
South Korea85,41
United Kingdom84,28
Czech Republic77,59
Costa Rica73,21
United States73,02
Bosnia and Erzegovina69,66
Emirados Arabes Unidos67,14

Top 50 of the healthiest countries

Bloomberg's Health Ranking index places Spain first, with a rating of 92,75, as the healthiest country in the world.

The US ranks 34th with a rating of 75 and China ranks 50th.

Spain achieves this status of leader, with a life expectancy of 83,8 years and with a projection of 85,5 years of life in 2040, being the largest on the planet.

This healthier lifestyle has as its main contributors the Mediterranean diet, with particular characteristics such as fruits, vegetables and healthy fats such as olive oil and smaller amounts of red meat and processed foods.

On the other hand, Spain also has the highest European percentage of people walking to work, 37%, while in the USA, for example, people walking to work are only 6%.

Cuba deserves a mention, as it becomes the only country that does not belong to the so-called “rich countries”, in the nomenclature of the World Bank, and is in the ranking of the first 30 countries with the best health, ahead of the United States and China.

Furthermore, from the Top 50 list, most are European countries.

What can a Healthier Country mean?

In relation to everything that is intended to be measured, there are many ways to approach the question.

In the case of the Bloomberg Global Health Index, there is more focus on the quality of health that a country's citizens enjoy.

Instead, there are indicators with different views.

The Global Health Security Index (GHSI) focuses on the aspect of health security, that is, the country's ability to fight disease in particular, pandemic situations or other serious biological events.

In this context, the Global Health Security Index places the USA in 1st place in the ranking.

Thus, although the USA, from the people's point of view, is not a model of solidarity, much more visible in Europe, it nevertheless has a strong structure in the fight and prevention of biosecurity.

Population and Health in Portugal

The Health Indicators compiled by Bloomberg place Portugal in 21st place in the ranking, with 83,1.

With the population aging, as a result of the low birth rate and improved life expectancy, Portugal faces a major challenge.

Thus, since 2008 the Portuguese population is decreasing. In 2020 the population was 10 million and the projections for 2050 and 2099 are 9 and 7 million, respectively.

It is the result of the negative effects of emigration and the low birth rate of 1,29 births per woman, lower than the rate considered as the renewal of the population, 2,1.

This is a situation similar to that in Spain, which, with a difficult labor market and few policies to balance work and family, makes it difficult for young people to have a family.

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