COVID-19 coronavirus in Portugal

Coronavirus COVID 19

There is a lot of information about the coronavirus, Covid-19 in Portugal, debates and diverse opinions, sometimes contradictory, about how we are fighting this pandemic. Therefore, sharing the knowledge and experience that one acquires is an exercise that allows us some serenity in these troubled times. The novelties, for example in obtaining the digital vaccination certificate.

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Information sources

The information provided by credible entities allows us to monitor the evolution of the coronavirus pandemic, Covid-19 in Portugal, as it is updated daily. There are three sources referred to here: The World Health Organization (WHO), the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and the Portuguese Health Directorate (DGS).

If we are watching television, we are “bombarded” with various information and sometimes repeatedly. For example, interviewing people who are "stressed" and whose answers, most of the time, do nothing to help everyone, as they reflect the point of view of someone who is in great difficulty, which ends up transmitting the idea that the situation is catastrophic and chaotic. The situation is undoubtedly serious, but it is in these moments that the capacity for resilience will be tested.

In some cases, the information that comes to us contradicts itself. The pressure to present news by the minute, ends up inhibiting their confirmation tasks. A few days ago, for example, information was reported that a person died of the coronavirus and that was not confirmed after all. Whoever circulated this news never came to give any explanation, simply withdrew it from circulation.

It seems fundamental, to follow the “command line”, as in a traditional war. It is therefore essential to trust whoever is in charge and follow instructions.

Whoever has the command has their own resources to help in decision making. Once a decision is made, being in permanent controversy and doubting its effectiveness is equivalent to not respecting the general's voice of command, which, instead of being executed, is contested and not carried out. It is usually a fatal option.

In a democracy, like Portugal, decisions made in any context can be discussed, but once they are made, we should do everything possible to ensure that they have the best results.

The chain of command and control for this coronavirus war is defined in the National Plan for Preparing and Responding to Disease due to New Coronavirus (COVID 19), paragraph 3.2 - Leadership and Coordination that also mentions the entities that cooperate in decision making.

The National Health Service Portal has information updated daily with the Situation in Portugal. It is an interactive map that shows the daily evolution of suspected cases, confirmed cases and new cases.

It also shows cases by age group, gender, symptom and type of contagion. It has a Smartphone version.

In the same Portal you can get help with Frequently Asked Questions and can know the performance of SNS activity 24, transparently.

On the other hand, a perspective of worldwide developments of the new coronavirus, Covid-19, can be seen on the WHO Portal, with an interactive map.

A view of developments in Europe, can be consulted on the website of the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control.

Digital Certificate of Vaccination

can get the Digital Certificate of Vaccination, on the NHS Portal.

Very easy to order, you just need to know the date of birth and the National Health Service (SNS) user number.

You can also choose to have access to the Covid Digital Certificate, using the SNS 24 App. If you want to present the vaccination certificate, the testing certificate or the recovery certificate, just show the certificate on the mobile phone. Nothing more practical.

Protective Measures, Covid-19 Portugal

Finally two videos from DGS that explain the preventive and protective measures so that you can protect yourself and what you should do if you experience symptoms

And if you need to travel while we are in a State of Emergency, we have some tips on what you can do.

We wish to all health, positive energy and clarity for these days.

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