Combating Covid-19; Comparison Portugal Europe

Covid-19 Comparison Portugal Europe in Key Indicators

Let's use the data from Worldomet is and, with some of its indicators and others that we have built, to make a comparison of Portugal versus Europe, in the fight against Covid-19. Trying to better understand the differences between the results in each country is the objective.

Thus, we present the pandemic situation comparing several European countries, at the current time, January 21, 2022.

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Covid 19 indicators for the comparison Portugal Europe

We think it is more appropriate to compare indicators that are not absolute values.

For example, the number of tests carried out is very high in Spain, around 66 million compared to the 30 million carried out in Portugal. However, the population of Spain is much larger than in Portugal and, therefore, the testing strategy that could be thought to be more comprehensive in Spain, in fact, is not.

In Portugal, as will be seen, the number of tests carried out per capita is 2,98, much higher than in Spain, with 1,42.

So let's look at the indicators.

Tests per inhabitant

With 2,98 tests per inhabitant, Portugal is in the 7th position of the countries with the most tests, after Denmark, Austria, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Greece and France.

Denmark, with close to 6 million inhabitants, carried out 115 million tests, about 20 tests per inhabitant! It is first in the ranking of countries with the most tests per inhabitant.

Poland carried out 0,77 tests per inhabitant, which puts it at the bottom of this ranking.

Positive cases per million inhabitants

With the aforementioned testing capacity, let's check what has happened in Portugal regarding the positive cases detected per million inhabitants, since the beginning of the pandemic.

Portugal, has 208.671 positive cases per million, in 9th place.

Finland performs 1,66 tests per inhabitant and only has 76.849 positive cases per million inhabitant, the 1st country in this ranking.

The United Kingdom with the most tests per inhabitant, 6,43, has 229.533 positive cases per million inhabitants.

France, with 3,31 tests per inhabitant, has 238.186 positive cases per million inhabitants and is the last in this classification.

Number of positive cases per thousand tests

Another indicator that we can analyze for this Portugal/Europe comparison is the number of positive cases detected for every thousand tests performed.

Portugal detects 69,9 positive cases for every 1000 tests carried out, placing us in 9th place.

Denmark, the 1st on this list, detects 11 positives for every thousand tests, a situation very well controlled.

Among others, they are better than Portugal, Austria, United Kingdom, Finland, Norway and Italy and worse than France, Belgium, Germany, Sweden and Spain.

Poland with 152,8 and the Netherlands with 179,0 positive cases per 1000 tests are at the bottom of the ranking. It should be noted that both have lower levels of testing per inhabitant, respectively 0,77 and 1,23.

Critically ill patients per million inhabitants and per thousand positive cases

The greater the spread of the virus, the more likely it is that patients in critical condition will appear. Let's see the results of the strategies to combat Covid-19, with the analysis of critical situations.

Per million inhabitants Portugal has 16 critical positive cases, placing us in 6th place.

In addition, for every 1000 positive cases, 0,08 become critical, the 5th country with the lowest rate in this ranking.

In this indicator, critically ill patients per 1000 positive cases, Ireland, Luxembourg, Norway, Finland, Belgium, Spain and Germany are in a worse situation than Portugal.

Denmark, the United Kingdom, Sweden and the Netherlands lead the ranking.

Deaths per million inhabitants and for every hundred positive cases

Portugal, with 1921 deaths per million inhabitants, is positioned in 8th place among the countries with the most deaths per million inhabitants and, with 9,2 deaths per 1000 positive cases, it is in 9th position.

Norway and Denmark with 2,5 and 2,8 deaths per 1000 positives respectively, lead the ranking.

Poland, Italy and Germany in the first places in the ranking of countries with more than 13 deaths per 1000 positive cases.

In this comparison of Covid-19, Portugal Europe, let's look at two countries in particular.

Comparison with Sweden

Sweden has almost the same population as Portugal.

A completely different strategy was followed, guided by an epidemiologist who did not adhere to the idea of ​​confinement.

Swedish Public Health Agency epidemiologist strategist Anders Tegnell, while acknowledging in May 2020 that “they could have done better”, thought that the second wave would have “a high level of immunity and the number of cases would probably be quite low”.

The strategy has been corrected.

Sweden has 111,4 positive cases per 1000 tests performed, but the number of deaths per 1000 cases is 8,8, lower than Portugal.

The number of cases per million inhabitants is also 174.954, lower than the value reached in Portugal.

The case of Finland

As Ricardo Costa writes, in the Jornal Expresso of November 20, 2020, “history and neighbors do not choose each other” and the independence of Finland, conquered from Russia with blood, sweat and tears in 1917, leads the population to have great confidence in the leaders.

Finland is just not in the top places, in the number of deaths per 1000 positive cases, 4,3 and in 3rd place in the ranking, a value lower than Portugal, which has 9,2 and, therefore, in 10th in the ranking. .

It is in 11th place in the indicator of the number of people in critical condition, 0,14 per 1000 positive cases, while Portugal with 0,8 is in 5th place. However, it ranks 1st with the lowest number of positive cases per million inhabitants, with Portugal in 10th.

Each country is different in the way it behaves socially and this makes it difficult to find fully effective strategies to combat Covid-19.

We present in the form of an interactive table, the data of the Coronavirus in Europe with the indicators that we have built.

You can sort the information, by any of the columns, to obtain a better view of the position of each country in relation to the respective pandemic situation.

We hope it is useful and easy to read.

Portugal Europe Comparison in the Fight against Covid-19; Source: Worlddometer, 21 January 2022
CountriesNo. Positive CasesNr DeathsCriticismTestsPopulationPositives / 1MCritically ill / 1MTests per inhabitantDeaths / 1MPositive Cases / 1000 TestsDeaths / 1000 CasesCritical Patients / 1000 Cases
France15 600 647128 1143 881216 918 55565 497 644 238 186593,311 95671,98,20,25
United Kingdom15 709 059153 490664440 125 44868 439 318 229 533106,432 24335,79,80,04
Belgium2 642 76128 75938829 025 99311 667 887 226 499332,492 46591,010,90,15
Ireland1 127 9516 0879010 685 3795 023 337 224 542182,131 212105,65,40,08
The Netherlands3 778 28721 20028521 107 39917 193 705 219 748171,231 233179,05,60,08
Denmark1 270 5663 57144115 698 7185 823 853 218 166819,8761311,02,80,03
Switzerland1 871 34012 67523815 992 0008 752 815 213 799271,831 448117,06,80,13
Luxembourg134 714941153 919 013641 768 209 911236,111 46634,47,00,11
Portugal2 118 12519 49616230 295 16610 150 566 208 671162,981 92169,99,20,08
Spain (España)8 834 36391 5992 20466 213 85846 782 882 188 838471,421 958133,410,40,25
Sweden1 784 00515 63910516 009 78110 196 969 174 954101,571 534111,48,80,06
Greece1 762 87022 47667954 563 14110 344 035 170 424665,272 17332,312,70,39
Austria1 503 66813 956193133 564 9659 086 130 165 4902114,701 53611,39,30,13
Italy9 418 256142 5901 698160 111 99960 323 848 156 128282,652 36458,815,10,18
Poland4 443 217103 6261 27129 075 04437 782 281 117 601340,772 743152,823,30,29
Norway571 6551 413709 811 8885 487 005 104 183131,7925858,32,50,12
Germany8 475 578117 1222 66489 622 21884 199 653 100 660321,061 39194,613,80,31
Finland426 8261 815619 240 1855 554 077 76 849111,6632746,24,30,14

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