Humility to learn

Learn, Always! With an open mind

Throughout life we ​​are faced with situations that make us think and sometimes even rethink what contribution we make to our family, our friends, society or even ourselves. A life lesson that we all learn is undoubtedly the ability we have to improve in order to have the humility to learn. With an open mind, to learn, always!

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Life lesson

There are many situations that surprise us and that give us a lesson to better deal with them in the future. So in life, we have to keep an open mind so that we can have the necessary humility to learn.

Life lesson
Life lesson

To live is to learn, always!

The importance of continuous learning is a reality and, in order to progress either personally, socially or professionally we have to consider that it is necessary to face life in a positive way. Be available to learn and take advantage of opportunities to increase knowledge, drawing lessons from the episodes that we go through and that make us better people.

Open mind and humility to learn

Recalling the former Director of Instituto Superior Técnico, in the late 60s, who thought it was important for the engineer to go beyond technical knowledge and incorporate other knowledge in his learning. For this reason, he placed sound equipment throughout the school for students to listen to classical music, as he understood that this helped to improve their creative sense. A life lesson!

Always learn
Learn, Always!

Today we are in the era of the creative economy when, with countless digital tools, the greatest value is on the side of creativity. Reducing costs is not enough to differentiate products and services, as it is necessary to make them more functional and attractive.

Constant learning is important and, knowing how to listen, recognizing that we don't know everything is an indispensable facet to be able to have the necessary humility to learn.

Learn, always!

If we can always be learning and at the same time, do it with pleasure, we will have the task facilitated and we can be an example to others.

Great sages of Humanity always had humility to learn because they knew, as I said Isaac Newton

"What we know is a drop, what we ignore is an ocean."

Isaac Newton

What is the reason that you think we know everything? Only those who know nothing think so.

Open mind
Open mind

Lifelong training is one of the options, whether in the form of traditional courses, e-learning or any other means.

No Pássaro no Ombro, we present articles, photographs, images, videos about various Topics and we share information so that, in a fun way, we can improve our knowledge.

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