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Good Portuguese food restaurant Duke

Eat well in Lisbon, at the Duque Restaurant

The old “Taberna Pomba do Carmo” now in the form of Taberna 4.0, already in line with the new revolution in tasquinhação.
Homemade food and various snacks.
Good food and super friendly atmosphere.
To not lose.

Discover Portugal Mafra Library

Discover Portugal - Mafra Palace Library

Of the places to visit, we chose the night visit to the Mafra National Palace Library and learn about its history.
Meet our "friends" bats that live here and help to take care of such a great estate.
A beautiful tour of heritage, a must in Portugal.

Maurits Cornelis Escher; CCA 3.0 MARCO AURÉLIO ESPARZA

Escher Exhibition in Lisbon, Museum of Popular Art

Escher's exhibition is on display at the Museum of Popular Art, in Lisbon, until May 27, 2018.
This Escher Exhibition in Lisbon presents more than 200 works by the artist Escher, in addition to lithographs, also didactic equipment, scientific experiments and some surprises.
Mathematical illusions and impossible shapes, not to be missed.

The gears of health

Health insurance, which will be the best?

Finding health insurance, a lifetime health plan, a hospital plan or life insurance that takes care of our health is no easy task. Health insurance is the first line of concern. We will try to help you search.

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