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Higher courses with more employability in Portugal in 2020

Higher courses with more employability in Portugal 2020

Every year the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education presents statistics on the results of higher education courses with more employability in Portugal on the Infocursos Portal.

With these indicators, students who intend to enter higher education have information that can help them choose the course that best satisfies them.

Sample size characteristics

The data presented in 2020 by Infocursos refer to courses between 2014/15 and 2017/18 and encompass the number of graduates in these courses and, of these, those who were unemployed in 2019.

Data on graduates are collected by survey (RAIDES) from higher education establishments and, through the Institute of Employment and Professional Training (IEFP), data on graduates from Polytechnics and Universities, enrolled in employment centers.

202.708 graduates were registered, distributed as follows:

Summary Table; Source: InfoCursos
Diploma coursesNúmero%
Unemployment rate 0%105455%
Unemployment rate between 0,1% and 4%12239760%
Unemployment rate higher than 4%6738933%
Excluded because the sample is not accepted23771%

Evolution of the Employability of Higher Education Courses in Portugal

To calculate the annual unemployment rate, we removed cases where there is no sample. Thus, in 2020 there are 3,6% of unemployed people, a decrease in relation to 2019 with 3,7%, in 2018 with 5,7%, in 2017 with 6,6%, in 2016 with 8,5% and in 2015 with 9,5%.

The employability of graduates has therefore increased in recent years.

The unemployment rate in 2020 of graduates from private education is 3,9%, slightly higher than the average. However, most of the cases that had not been considered in the sample and did not, for that reason, have data on unemployment, were from private education (129 private education courses vs 109 public education courses).

We will analyze the information that is published by the Portal to present, in a differentiated way, courses with zero unemployment rate and those with between 0,1% and 4%. Those with an unemployment rate higher than 4% have not been considered in this analysis, but can be consulted in the Infocourses.

In general, the areas related to health and engineering are the higher education courses with the highest employability in Portugal.

Higher Courses with 0% Unemployment Rate

The courses with more than one hundred graduates and with zero unemployment, are Medicine, Computer Engineering, Nursing, Music, Architecture, Physical and Technological Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering, Basic Education, Psychology, Biology and International Business.

With less than one hundred graduates and with a zero unemployment rate, there are also several Engineering courses, others related to Art, Mathematics and Physics, and also Computer Management.

In this situation with zero unemployment, there are 10.545 graduates.

The following table is interactive. Just click on the column you want to be sorted.

Higher Courses with Zero Unemployment Rate in 2020, Source: InfoCursos
Establish TeachingNatureTeaching TypeCourse NameGrayNr Diplom Course
University of LisbonPublicUniversityMedicineIntegrated Master1465
University of CoimbraPublicUniversityMedicineIntegrated Master1239
New University of LisbonPublicUniversityMedicineIntegrated Master1006
University of PortoPublicUniversityMedicineIntegrated Master720
Minho's universityPublicUniversityMedicineIntegrated Master537
University of Beira InteriorPublicUniversityMedicineIntegrated Master497
University of LisbonPublicUniversityArchitectureIntegrated Master177
University of LisbonPublicUniversityTechnological Physics EngineeringIntegrated Master163
Portuguese Catholic UniversityPrivateUniversityTheologyIntegrated Master84
University of PortoPublicUniversityComputer Networks and Systems EngineeringIntegrated Master77
Portuguese Catholic UniversityPrivateUniversityTheologyIntegrated Master50
Portuguese Catholic UniversityPrivateUniversityTheologyIntegrated Master39
Minho's universityPublicUniversityTelecommunications and Informatics EngineeringIntegrated Master38
University of LisbonPublicUniversityInformatics and Computer EngineeringBachelor's degree319
University of ÉvoraPublicPolytechnicNursingBachelor's degree276
Polytechnic Institute of LisbonPublicPolytechnicInformatics and Computer EngineeringBachelor's degree190
Polytechnic Institute of BejaPublicPolytechnicNursingBachelor's degree184
Aveiro UniversityPublicUniversityMusicBachelor's degree183
University of LisbonPublicUniversityTelecommunications and Informatics EngineeringBachelor's degree172
Polytechnic Institute of SetúbalPublicPolytechnicNursingBachelor's degree162
Polytechnic Institute of SetúbalPublicPolytechnicBasic educationBachelor's degree160
CESPU-North Polytechnic Health InstitutePrivatePolytechnicNursingBachelor's degree133
Portuguese Catholic UniversityPrivateUniversityPsychologyBachelor's degree126
Portuguese Catholic UniversityPrivatePolytechnicNursingBachelor's degree121
University of AlgarvePublicPolytechnicNursingBachelor's degree121
University of LisbonPublicUniversityBiologyBachelor's degree105
Minho's universityPublicUniversityInternational Business (after-work regime)Bachelor's degree100
Higher Institute of Educational SciencesPrivatePolytechnicBasic educationBachelor's degree99
Atlantic School of HealthPrivatePolytechnicNursingBachelor's degree84
New University of LisbonPublicUniversityConservation - RestorationBachelor's degree81
University of PortoPublicUniversityPhysicsBachelor's degree80
University of LisbonPublicUniversityApplied statisticsBachelor's degree78
Portuguese Catholic UniversityPrivateUniversityPsychologyBachelor's degree74
University of CoimbraPublicUniversityBioanalytical SciencesBachelor's degree69
University of CoimbraPublicUniversityMedicinal ChemistryBachelor's degree68
School of Real Estate ActivitiesPrivatePolytechnicReal Estate ManagementBachelor's degree59
New University of LisbonPublicUniversityMathematicsBachelor's degree59
ISEC Lisboa - Higher Institute of Education and SciencePrivatePolytechnicOptics and OptometryBachelor's degree58
Lusophone University of Humanities and TechnologiesPrivateUniversityBiologyBachelor's degree56
Higher Institute of Entre Douro e VougaPrivatePolytechnicIndustrial Production EngineeringBachelor's degree53
University of CoimbraPublicUniversityPortugueseBachelor's degree53
Aveiro UniversityPublicUniversityBiology and GeologyBachelor's degree53
University of LisbonPublicUniversityNaval and Ocean EngineeringBachelor's degree52
University of AlgarvePublicPolytechnicFarmáciaBachelor's degree52
Portuguese Red Cross Higher School of Health - LisbonPrivatePolytechnicCardiopneumologyBachelor's degree50
European UniversityPrivateUniversityComputer Science and engineeringBachelor's degree47
ISEC Lisboa - Higher Institute of Education and SciencePrivatePolytechnicAeronautical ManagementBachelor's degree47
Higher Institute of Educational SciencesPrivatePolytechnicSocial EducationBachelor's degree47
Polytechnic Institute of PortoPublicPolytechnicMusical educationBachelor's degree46
Polytechnic Institute of BragançaPublicPolytechnicMusic in Community ContextsBachelor's degree46
Lusophone University of Humanities and TechnologiesPrivateUniversityManagement InformaticsBachelor's degree46
Lusíada UniversityPrivateUniversityJazz and Modern MusicBachelor's degree46
University of CoimbraPublicUniversityPhysicsBachelor's degree46
University of LisbonPublicUniversityMathematicsBachelor's degree44
ISEC Lisboa - Higher Institute of Education and SciencePrivatePolytechnicOccupational Security EngineeringBachelor's degree41
Egas Moniz University InstitutePrivateUniversityPsychologyBachelor's degree41
Egas Moniz University InstitutePrivateUniversityHealth SciencesBachelor's degree40
Polytechnic Institute of Castelo BrancoPublicPolytechnicAgronomyBachelor's degree40
Portuguese Catholic UniversityPrivateUniversityArt - Conservation and RestorationBachelor's degree38
Open UniversityPublicUniversityHumanitiesBachelor's degree37
ISPA-University Institute of Psychological, Social and Life SciencesPrivateUniversityBiologyBachelor's degree36
Polytechnic Institute of CoimbraPublicPolytechnicComputer Science and engineeringBachelor's degree36
Higher Institute of Intercultural and Transdisciplinary Studies of AlmadaPrivateUniversityManagementBachelor's degree35
Polytechnic Institute of PortoPublicPolytechnicOrthopticBachelor's degree35
Lusíada University - NorthPrivateUniversityElectronic and Informatics EngineeringBachelor's degree35
Higher Institute of Entre Douro e VougaPrivatePolytechnicAccountingBachelor's degree34
European UniversityPrivateUniversitySport ManagementBachelor's degree30
Portuguese Catholic UniversityPrivateUniversityPortuguese and Spanish StudiesBachelor's degree30

Higher Courses with Unemployment Rate between 0,1% and 4%

In courses with an unemployment rate between 0,1% and 4%, 122.397 graduates are found.

The courses related to health and engineering continue to be well positioned and courses related to management now appear, whether general or more specialized management, such as Marketing, Logistics, Human Resources, Law, Catering and Hospitality, Sports, Tourism, Social Communication and Economics.

You can download the document with this data here

Higher courses with greater employability in Portugal, 2020

Document with higher education courses in Portugal, with course names, number of graduates and unemployment rates between 0,1% and 4%.

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