Average salary in Portugal of the best and most sought after professions

Average salary in Portugal for the best professions

With all the difficulties that we know exist, not only after the Covid-19 pandemic but also with the war in Ukraine and Gaza, it is believed that 2024 could be a year of great challenges in hiring professionals, with companies looking to recruit profiles solid and promising solutions that enrich your assets. This environment will determine the best and most sought-after professions in Portugal and their respective average salaries.

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The economic context

According to Robert Walters, the trend in 2024 will continue to focus on technical specialization but also on “soft skills”, with particular relevance to communication, ability to work in a team, flexibility and proactivity, as well as greater availability for “returning to the office”.

The recruitment process will tend to be longer, with companies taking care to evaluate potential assets not only on a technical level, but also on personality and behavior issues. Also based on projects and challenges to overcome obstacles or stay ahead of the competition.

Recruitment must be well planned and “all parties involved must have been informed about the role, strategy, profiles and expectations of the candidates”.

Retaining workers is also a challenge for 2024, as professionals want to find companies where they feel they will have the opportunity to learn, progress, have security, innovate and face the future successfully.

Despite the difficulties resulting from increases in energy and raw material costs, logistical difficulties and inflation, the unemployment rate in Portugal is one of the lowest in the European Union and, therefore, the job market will most likely follow a path high demand for specialists.

According to the 2024 Salary Survey by Robert Walters (RW), technologies are increasingly automating and robotizing processes in all sectors, as well as the use of Artificial Intelligence which is changing the decision-making process, which will make the job market more dynamic and demanding.

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The Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR) will play an important role in the growth of industries related to the Energy and Digital Transition – with Renewable Energy, Infrastructure, Construction, Health and Technology being the main beneficiaries.

Digital Transition companies, Data Centers and Technological Competence Centers will continue to be at the top of the agenda, with a specific search for Artificial Intelligence, profiles linked to Cyber ​​Security and Software-based Solutions for manufacturing and decision making.

As Renewable energy , in particular the projects of Green Hydrogen, will have a tendency for high growth potential, driven by Europe's goals in achieving its carbon neutrality objectives.

It is essential that salaries and complementary benefits, the emotional salary, meet the expectations of candidates so that recruitment is successful.

Average annual salaries in Portugal

The 2023 “Salary Survey” Robert Walters (RW) published the results of a survey of salaries in the most sought after professions in the markets where it operates and with three levels of experience, 2 to 5 years, 5 to 10 years and more than 10 years, with minimum and maximum ranges of gross salary annual, without additional benefits.

Do not forget that monthly salaries in Portugal can be misleading due to the existence of a designated holiday and Christmas allowance, which is why the annual gross salaries are presented.

Let's analyze some of the most sought after and best professions and their respective average salaries earned in Portugal.

Therefore, that survey foresees, for the functions of the Accounting and Finance area of ​​a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) a base salary between €75.000 and €95.000 and with experience between 5 and 10 years, while a Financial Auditor with the same experience may earn between €30.000 and €40.000.

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As for Engineering and Operations in the area of ​​renewable energy, a Project Director with experience between 5 and 10 years can earn between €65.000 and €90.000.

For Information Technology specialists, the report presents salaries for experience with more than 10 years in a range of €90.000 to €120.000 per year.

An IT Manager with more than 10 years can earn between €80.000 and €120.000 per year.

As for Sales and Marketing professionals, specialization in areas such as Renewable Energy, Electronic Commerce, Artificial Intelligence and International Expansion will be among the most sought after.

Roles such as Sales Manager with experience between 5 and 10 years can represent a salary between €40.000 and €60.000, a Content Manager between €25.000 and €35.000 and a Marketing Director with a salary between €50.000 and €70.000, with the same experience .

Human Resources continues to be on the rise with salaries that can range from €60.000 to €100.000, for a Human Resources Director and a Training & Development Manager, with more than 10 years of experience, you can obtain between €40.000 to €45.000.

In addition to the technical knowledge required by professionals in the business world, mastery of foreign languages ​​is also in sight, necessary for communication in an increasingly global market.

Furthermore, according to Robert Walters, a top professional must have a strong component of “soft skills” with a great capacity for resilience and emotional intelligence.

It also appears that, in general, the most relevant factors for maintaining a good level of satisfaction at work are a good balance between work and family life and, also, feedback and motivation from company leaders and managers.

A Michael Page (MP) also publishes a Remuneration Study for Portugal, by Sector of Activity, with the average salaries of the best professions in Portugal and the 35 countries where it has an office.

The “2023 Remuneration Study in Portugal” presents some indicators.

No Industrial sector (“Engineering”), a General Director can have a salary between €110.000 and €170.000 in Lisbon and €110.000 and €165.000 in Porto; the Manufacturing Director (Plant Manager) from €72.000 to €120.000 in Lisbon and €70.000 to €120.000 in Porto; the Quality Engineer from €24.000 to €34.000 and €19.600 to €35.000 and the Manager or Project Head, €33.000 to €52.000 and from €28.000 to €56.000, respectively in Lisbon and Porto, among others.

No Information Technology (IT) sector there is a marked growth trend “the imbalance between demand and supply is increasingly evident”. It is because the sector is one of the most sought after professions.

Thus, a Project Manager can earn between €50.000 and €70.000 in Lisbon and €42.000 to €65.000 in Porto, while a Development Director can have a salary between €70.000 and €90.000 in Lisbon and €70.000 to €100.000 in Porto .

Roles such as Front-end Developer earn between €40.000 to €70.000 in Lisbon and €23.000 to €70.000 in Porto and Back-end Developer between €40.000 to €65.000 in Lisbon and €30.000 to €50.000 in Porto.

Regarding the Project Manager, the gross annual salary varies between €50.000 and €70.000 in Lisbon and €25.000 to €63.000 in Porto.

A Digital Transformation Manager earns between €80.000 to €90.000 in Lisbon and €55.000 to €80.000 in Porto.

No insurance sector, there is “a considerable demand in the insurance sector for professionals in the financial area, particularly with skills at the level of IFRS17”, due to the entry into force of this regulation in 2023.

A Senior Actuary can earn between €46.893 and €67.804 in Lisbon and €33.600 and €49.000 in Porto. A Commercial Agent between €22.050 and €27.195 in Lisbon and €16.800 and €23.800 in Porto.

Another very interesting source that can be consulted to find the best professions is Encyclopedia for Professional Career Management in Portugal, from Randstad.

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