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What is the QR Code and how to use it

What is the QR Code QR Code

We will explain what the QR Code is, how it can be used and how it can be generated. The QR Code is a code that, after being photographed, read, interpreted and decoded on the mobile phone, is sent to the Internet. In that decoded message, may be the URL of a website or the location of something that may interest you. It can be, for example, the restaurant menu we are in, a PDF file that is downloaded on the mobile phone or the promotion of a product.

What is the QR Code

QR Code is an abbreviation for Quick Response Code or QR Code.

It is a kind of barcode invented in 1994 by a team from Denso Wave.

While the barcode is one-dimensional, the information in the QR Code can be encoded either crosswise or longitudinally, in two dimensions, therefore.

This two-dimensional code can store a greater amount of information, in a smaller area and with the possibility of being able to be read faster than the bar code.

A Dense Wave waives the rights of your patent and therefore, this code can be used universally and free of charge. However, the QR Code is a registered trademark of this company.

It can be used on mobile phones that have a camera and an application that can read and convert it.

The application installed on the mobile phone recognizes the image of the QR code and converts it into characters.

These characters can be a URL address, a phone number, an electronic address (email), a georeferenced location or even an SMS.

How to get the QR Code App to be able to read the Code

To obtain this application, just click on the application store icon of the Smartphone's operating system, for example the “Play Store”.

In the Play Store, we look for the application using the word “QR Code”.

We select the application and finally click on the install button.

The application icon is thus created on the Smartphone's desktop.

Install the QR Code App
Install the QR Code App

Where and how we can use the QR Code

If we use for example in a restaurant, we are presented with the Menu.

We can have the QR Code on the table, as is the following example:

QR Code on a Restaurant Table
QR Code on a Restaurant Table

Or presented in another way

QR code in Placard
QR code in Placard

Just open the App on your phone, point, frame the QR Code and that's it!

Photograph QR Code
Photograph QR Code

The application that we recommend, to use on the mobile phone, is the QR Reader.

When the QR code is recognized, the application immediately shows what the creator of the code designed.

The result of reading the Code

In the case of Restaurante Casa da Maré, the QR code will show the URL address of the respective website.

Result of the QR Code reading
Result of the QR Code reading

And now just look for what we want.

Restaurant Menu
Restaurant Menu

How to generate the QR code

To generate the QR Code, there are several platforms available. Some free others paid.

One platform we recommend is QR Code Monkey which offers several possibilities for formatting the generated code, several types of definitions and some in high definition if you want to print the QR Code.

The use of the platform is free and we can contribute, if we wish, with a donation.

Link to Pássaro no Ombro
Link to Pássaro no Ombro

You can modify this appearance by introducing other forms of the code, colors and even including a logo.

For example, include the Pássaro no Ombro, would look like this

Link to Themes Pássaro no Ombro
Link to Themes Pássaro no Ombro

Several possibilities are presented that creatives and Marketing specialists can choose in the way they feel is most appealing.

We can use different colors, include an image or logo and give the code itself different looks.

For example this QR Code that takes us to the Facebook Page Pássaro no Ombro.

Link to Facebook page Pássaro no Ombro
Link to Facebook page Pássaro no Ombro

If you need any additional explanation for installing an App on your phone, see the article Siga App Application to take password online.

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