Professional Letter of Recommendations

Recommendations on Linkedin, for a more credible Profile

O Professional Profile which is presented on LinkedIn is done by the person who, in some cases, may not be the most suitable with regard to the skills and professional experience presented. It is important to get recommendations from former employers or former colleagues, the equivalent of a professional recommendation letter. Some tips like having a good resume and in particular showing recommendations on Linkedin.

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The importance of recommendations to have a good resume

The recommendations are intended to complement the references of a curriculum vitae and are a testimony made by someone else, usually someone who knows their professional career.

Not only the technical skills but, above all, the personal skills are translated into a validation of competences.

They work as a professional letter of recommendation and contribute to building a good professional profile on LinkedIn and having a good presentation resume.

How to have a good curriculum. Profile Pedro Fidalgo
Image 1. Example, profile of the author of the article

In the recommendations, we often see that the person is a tireless worker, an excellent leader who motivates his team so that the achievement of goals, a good negotiator or, even, a responsible and results-oriented person. All of these characteristics, presented by another person, have a different impact than if they are presented by the person himself.

Imagine a recruiter who finds your Linkedin profile. If there are several testimonies there that attest to the veracity of what you refer to in your professional career, then the recruiter is more confident with regard to his skills.

The recommendations also have the additional possibility of allowing you to contact that person and learn more about you.

Thus, the recommendations on Linkedin are very important and critical for success and a good contribution on how to have a good curriculum, attractive for those who search.

Search for people who know you well

To ask for recommendations through Linkedin, start by thinking about who will be the people who know you well and who you think may be available to do them.

Naturally, these people must belong to your network of contacts in order to be able to address a request for a letter of professional recommendation.

How to have a good resume with recommendations

Step 1 Select the contact

If you still don't have a letter of recommendation, do a search on Linkedin for the name of the person you want to contact and click on their profile.

Search people on my profile
Image 2. Search for people on my profile
Search for a contact on Linkedin if you have no recommendations
Image 3. Search for a Linkedin contact if you don't have recommendations

Below the contact's photo, click on the “More” button

"More" option in the Contact Profile
Image 4. “More” option in the Contact Profile

Select the option “Request a recommendation” from the several that appear

How to have a good resume, option "Request Recommendation"
Image 5. “Request Recommendation” option

If you already have recommendations, just go to the place where they are located and click on the “Request recommendation” button right next to a “small pen”.

Request a recommendation in the recommendations area of ​​my profile to have a good resume
Image 6. Request recommendation in the recommendations area of ​​my profile

A box appears where you must put the name of the person to be contacted.

Request a recommendation using your profile if you already have recommendations Have a good resume
Image 7. Request recommendation using your profile if you already have recommendations
Search for the person in the recommendations area of ​​my profile to make the recommendation request
Image 8. Find the person in the recommendations area of ​​my profile

Step 2 How does it relate to the contact you selected

After selecting the contact, Linkedin presents you with two questions. The first is what relationship you have with that person and the second is to choose what professional situation you had when you met him.

After making this selection, through the menus that are presented in “drop down”, it goes to the last step.

Define which position at the time and what relationship exists with the contact
Image 9. Define the position at the time and what relationship exists with the contact

Step 3 Ask for the recommendation

A note is displayed where you should write a short message to the person to contact.

When you write a personal note to that person, you should personalize the message with their name, greeting or any other note that might be relevant at the time you contact them.

Finally, ask for a very personal favor to write her a letter of recommendation via LinkedIn.

Write a message. Professional recommendation letter
Image 10. Write message for Professional Recommendation Letter

Then, it remains to be expected that your contact will send you that letter of professional recommendation and, if you want to be kind, do one too.

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