Proof of tax address

Get Proof of Tax Address

A simple and online way to obtain proof of tax address is through the Finance Portal. It's a simple process that, in 8 steps, allows you to have the document you need to certify your tax domicile right away, free of charge.

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What do I need proof of address?

There are several situations in which we can be asked for proof of address. Whether opening bank accounts, obtaining a driving license or hiring services.

We can use water or electricity bills for this purpose, as is usually the case, but this is how we show part of our private life.

An example is the request for a resident badge in an area of ​​Lisbon, issued by EMEL, for parking the vehicle, valid for one year.

When we apply for renewal, through the online registration on the EMEL website, we are asked for a tax domicile certificate.

Obtaining it, through the Finance Portal, the Tax Authority, is a good option.

How to get proof of tax address in 8 steps

We will then enter the Tax Authority Portal (AT).

Start by entering the AT Portal, logging in with your tax number and password, if you are already registered. Otherwise, you will have to do it first or, if you prefer, you can use the Digital Mobile Key.

Step 1 Authenticate in the Finance Portal; how to obtain proof of tax address
Step 1 Authenticate on the Finance Portal

In your area, with restricted access, you have to select the menu on the left side of the screen.

Step 2 Select Menu
Step 2 Select “Menu”

In this menu, go through the options, until you find “All Services”.

Step 3 Select All Services
Step 3 Select All Services

By selecting “All Services”, the “Site Map” appears and you will have to go ahead until you find the option “Documents and Certificates”.

Step 4 Site Map
Step 4 Site Map

Within the “Documents and Certificates” option, select “Request Certificate” which will allow you to obtain proof of tax address.

Here, various types of Certificates can be requested.

Step 5 Request Certificate
Step 5 Request Certificate

When you select the option “Request Certificate”, you will be presented with several hypotheses and the one you should choose is precisely “Domicílio Fiscal”.

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Step 6 Choose Fiscal Domicile
Step 6 Choose Fiscal Domicile

After selecting and confirm In the case of “Tax domicile” the following screen appears:

Step 7 Request for Tax Address Certification
Step 7 Request for Tax Address Certification

This screen serves to validate the request for a tax domicile certificate. For that, you will need to confirm your Tax Identification Number (TIN) and your Name.

If they are correct, validate by selecting the “OBTER” button.

Obtain the Tax Domicile Certificate

After clicking on the button to obtain proof of address, the Certificate with your tax address appears immediately.

It remains to download and print your proof of tax address.

Step 8 Proof of Tax Address
Step 8 Proof of Tax Address

If this document is intended, as we mentioned, for the online renewal of your EMEL resident badge, then you don't even need to print it.

Save the file in PDF format in an appropriate folder and later attach it to your email to EMEL.

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3 thoughts on “Get Proof of Tax Address”

  1. Hi,

    I followed the instruction as mentioned in the article, however, I am not able to get any further after step 7, meaning am not able to 'get' clicking several times!?

    1. I retested and it is ok.
      You should verify the Fiscal/Tax Identification Number and the Name.
      If you are registered as your permanent residence it should go.
      Warm regards

  2. Thank you for help in issuing the certificate attesting to your address, in the complicated finance portal.

    Very useful


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