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Obtain company reports through the Government Portal

In addition to companies specialized in providing simplified business information, it is possible to obtain it, in Public Services and online, as it is public information. The Public Services Portal, “ePortugal”, allows you to subscribe online to the Annual Account Certificate request and thus obtain reports from companies that may be of particular interest.

This is what we will discuss below.

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Public Information Online

Usually, to obtain information from companies it is possible to use specialized companies that compile different types of business information, making it available for consultation.

Another alternative is the use of information available through the Public Services portal, “ePortugal”, which allows you to subscribe to an Annual Accounts Certificate request.

Accountability is mandatory and that is why companies have to register their annual report in the form of simplified business information (HEI).

This information can be very useful if, for example, you want to create a business and can be more confident in the values ​​to be used when designing the business plan.

Example for Obtaining Annual Company Reports

We will use the same example, which we have already used, the company EMEL, from which we now intend to obtain the report and accounts, of mandatory delivery, available on the said Portal.

Therefore, you must access “ePortugal” and select the Simplified Business Information option:

Image 1 Access to the Service, obtain company reports
Image 1. Service access

Then select the option to Subscribe / Renew Annual Accounts Certificate.

Subscribe Certificate
Image 2. Subscribe to Certificate

After that, a form must be filled in:

Filling in Form
Image 3. Form filling

It is necessary to fill in the name of the subscriber of the order and the email, which are mandatory fields. You can also complete your tax identification number (TIN) and mobile phone number.

Then, you must identify the entity from whom you want to obtain the respective Report and Accounts.

Image 4 Filling Example
Image 4. Example of Filling

The entity has a legal person identification number (NIPC) that you must obtain in advance. In the case of EMEL it is 503311332.

In addition to the financial year to be analyzed, it is necessary to indicate the number of years we intend to consult. In this case, we considered the subscription period of 1 year.

Fill in the remaining fields and “validate the entity”, clicking on the existing button for that purpose.

Finally, you have to “add” the subscription, after which the following screen appears:

Image 5 Summary of what is requested; simplified business information
Image 5. Summary of what is requested

As for payment, we recommend choosing payment by ATM.

In possession of the ATM reference, make the payment and wait for confirmation.

If you want to use credit cards, you can use the virtual credit card option.

When you receive the confirmation, with the Certificate number, you must enter that number in order to consult the desired information.

Image 6 Get information
Image 6. Get information

There are several options for viewing formats for the company's annual account report that you want.

It remains to click on the format you want, for example PDF.

Image 7 Download the report, obtain company reports
Image 7. Download the Report

And, at any time, it is possible to consult the situation in which the Account Certificates that were requested are found.

These certificates are valid for the time previously requested.

Image 8 Consultation by email
Image 8. Consultation by email

To check the status of the requested annual accounts certificates, just fill in the email, so that the status information of the certificates is sent to the indicated email address.

Finally, to access the Report and Accounts of our example, just indicate the certificate code and the year of the exercise.

Image 9 Consult Simplified business information
Image 9. Consult simplified business information

To get a more concrete idea of ​​the company report, you can download it below:

EPortugal Portal Example Report

Example of a business report, provided and taken from the "ePortugal" Portal.

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