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National Health Service, Access to SNS Online

In this article, we introduce you to some services that the SNS Portal provides and that can be useful, as well as how to register online to have access to the Citizen's Area and access the entire health process existing at the National Health Service SNS online .

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SNS Online Health Record

The pandemic forced us to stay at home and this led us, citizens, companies and public entities, to solve problems using as much as possible digital technologies.

But our days will no longer be the same as they were and some of the techniques we learned will continue and more regularly.

The world will be more and more technological and using digital technologies we will be more and more innovative and we will have to use these resources for the good of humanity.

In this context, it is worth knowing how to use the digital services of the National Health Service.

The Citizen's Area of ​​the SNS Portal makes it possible, in the Electronic Health Register (RSE), to register monitoring and information sharing between the user and health professionals, as long as the citizen authorizes it.

The Citizen Area allows access to SNS benefits and online services:

  • Make appointments online for the family doctor
  • Register medication
  • Register allergies
  • Record health measurements
  • Consult the Vaccine Bulletin
  • Details of SNS surgeries
  • Exam results
  • Include contacts in case of emergency
  • Request moderator fee exemption
  • Treatment Guide, Recipes

Access the SNS Portal Citizen Area

The simplest way to access the National Health Service portal is through the Digital Mobile Key (CMD) that we have already explained how to obtain.

The CMD has a validity period of one month after the expiration of the Citizen Card.

Let us admit that we have the CMD active as well as the respective PIN that we defined when we received the CMD.

Register with the National Health Service, SNS Online with the Mobile Digital Key

Going to the SNS Portal, the following screen appears, the Citizen Area of the SNS Portal

Fig 1 Registration with the National Health Service
Fig 1. Registration with the National Health Service

We selected the Digital Mobile Key option.

We choose the method with which we intend to authenticate, for example, the mobile phone number and click on "Continue".

Fig 2 SNS Online Authentication with CMD
Fig 2. SNS Online Authentication with CMD

Then another screen appears, where we have to “Authorize” the Citizen Area of ​​the SNS Portal online to use personal data.

Fig 3 Authorization in the SNS Online Citizen Area
Fig 3 Authorization in the SNS Online Citizen Area

The data contained here will be identified to proceed with access to the NHS.

After the authorization appears,

Fig 4 Authentication in the SNS online with CMD and PIN
Fig 4 Authentication in the SNS online with CMD and PIN

At this time, you will have to enter your mobile phone number, which was the option chosen previously, as well as the PIN security code that we have already mentioned and “Authenticate”.

Have your mobile phone close to you, as it will be necessary then

Fig 5 Dual Security National Health Service
Fig 5 Dual Security National Health Service

The system, for the sake of greater security, asks you to enter the password sent to you on your mobile phone. You have 5 minutes to do so.

Click "Confirm" at the bottom of the screen, to finish the registration.

Fig 6 Personal area of ​​the National Health Service SNS Online
Fig 6. Personal area of ​​the National Health Service SNS Online

It reaches your personal area of ​​the National Health Service. It is the SNS online!

You can check your personal data and use the various services available.

There are also two Applications available for smartphones that may be interesting to use


Facilitate access to the National Health Service via mobile phone.

It is an extension of the SNS online, in this case using mobile devices, wherever you are.

For example, if you have to show vaccination certificates, you don't need to remember to take them with you on paper. Just show what's on your smartphone.

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