MySNS Wallet SNS Mobile Application

MySNS Wallet, the SNS Mobile Application

Forget the papers and cards in your pocket and replace them with the App of the National Health Service (SNS). The vaccination bulletin, medical prescriptions, the health subsystem card, all this and much more always up to date and without worrying about having lost or forgotten at home. How you can use the MySNS Wallet App is what we will see next.

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The MySNS Wallet App Application

The MySNS Wallet App gathers the information that is accessible on the SNS Portal, in an accessible way by mobile phone, wherever you are.

Also available on the MySNS App are the data from “My Area”, with the information of the user authenticated in the online SNS. Therefore, emergency contacts and direct contact to the SNS 24 are accessible through this application.

Health Measurements

The MySNS Carteira application has a menu with “Health Measurements”, where you can include the blood glucose measurement card in the “Glycemia Card” and, also, you can record the physical activity you have during the day, in the “Card of Steps ”.

In the "Pass Card" you can also define specific goals for your physical activity, helping to keep your motivation in a very simple and practical way.

You can also create Cards to record Blood Pressure and Body Mass Index (BMI).

To create cards or measurements just click on the + sign and proceed with the registration of the data that is requested.

Digital Cards on MySNS Wallet

A very useful feature is to access doctors' prescriptions, including those from the private sector, via mobile phone. Just add the “Treatment Guide” card.

The information available in this “Treatment Guide” allows you to access each prescription and check if you have already purchased all the drugs in that prescription or if you still need to purchase one.

With the Calendar available on the MySNS Wallet App, you can schedule the medication that should be taken, so that there is no forgetting.

The Vaccine Bulletin has information about vaccines already administered and, in a different tab, those you should take in the future.

If the Vaccine Bulletin does not show all the vaccines that have already been administered to you, go to the Health Center with the paper bulletin to update the digital bulletin.

If added to the ADSE health subsystem, this Digital Card allows replacing the Physical Card.

You also have the possibility to access digital cards for Vital Testament, Rare Diseases, Allergies, Clinical References, Guide to Exams and Digital Card about Covid-19.


There are also interesting services available, such as the possibility of contacting the Health Unit, the SNS24, its Electronic Health Record (Citizen's Area) and even access to teleconsultations.

Fig 7 My SNS Wallet Services
Fig 7 My SNS Wallet Services

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