Letter of recommendation how to request on LinkedIn

How to Request a Letter of Recommendation on Linkedin

The way in which you request the letter of recommendation through LinkedIn is crucial to not only get an answer, but above all, to have a recommendation that is relevant and that makes a difference to whoever is recruiting.

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Request recommendation using Linkedin

Ask for recommendations only from people you have worked with or know through professional relationships.

When you are requesting a letter of recommendation on Linkedin, a pre-populated message suggestion appears:

“Hello (name of person)

Could you recommend me?”

If you have the English language set in your settings, the question is

“Hi (person's name), could you write me a recommendation?”

It is a simple example that aims to suggest that it is necessary to write a message asking the person to spend a little time, to write a recommendation that serves as a testimony of the abilities that this person recognizes you.

Anyone who receives this message will likely think they have little respect for you. You are asking me to take your time and not even bother to write you a more personalized message.

Write a personalized message requesting the letter of recommendation

Write a text that makes your contact, stop, think of yourself, recall the strengths of your abilities and skills and, finally, describe your assessment for a text that can serve as a recommendation, irresistible for anyone reading it.

Plan your message to have four distinct yet integrated parts.

greet the recipient

Start with a greeting, using the person's name. Your degree of intimacy is probably not very great, as the person worked with you as a colleague, boss or partner, in which case, use the first name and surname. Preferably the name, as people usually called it, if you know it from previous work.

Write “Hello Pedro, could you recommend me?”, as it is in the pre-populated message. I like to be called by my name and get excited. But then I get punched in the stomach with "Could you recommend me?"

If the message were “Pedro, could you write a text to recommend me?”, it would be more suited to the use of the language we use in Portugal.

Probably the Linkedin text is a Brazilian Portuguese translation.

It doesn't have any inconvenience if I'm Brazilian, but if the person knows I'm Portuguese and knows me, it doesn't seem like a good tone.

Whether or not to use the academic title depends on the person to whom it is addressed. If you are an open person with international experience, you may not use the title. But, if in doubt, it is preferable to use it.

For example, “Dear Dr. Alberto Cavaco, will it be possible to write a text recommending me?”.

What's missing here is a short introduction that shows some interest, respect or consideration for the person. A greeting that can be made like this:

“Dear Joaquim, I hope everything is fine with you. Will it be possible to write a text recommending me?”.

It seems more friendly and cordial to whoever reads the message. Improves the possibility of getting the letter of recommendation you want.

Create the context

After the greeting, it is good to explain why you are making this contact. It could be something like:

“I'm trying to make a change in my professional career and I'm looking for an opportunity in the XXX sector of activity. For that, I need to make my LinkedIn profile more attractive, with testimonials from people who know me and who can help recruiters in a pre-selection phase”.

Explain the intended

Here is the formulation of the request you want, for example:

“I would be very grateful if I could make a recommendation on Linkedin, bearing in mind the knowledge you have of me when I held the position of xxx and that I was reporting to you. Please feel free to describe your perception of my skills and abilities”.


It is necessary to end the message with something that can please the person we are addressing.

For example, “If you need me, I'm glad to be at your disposal.

Big hug,

Your name"

Request the letter of recommendation with a prior personal contact

If you know the person and have a personal contact, phone number or email address, then contact them in one of these ways.

Using this alternative creates a closer relationship and your chances of getting the recommendation are greatly increased.

Use the script we saw above and then ask in writing for the recommendation request on LinkedIn, “According to our telephone conversation, I send the recommendation request. Once again, thank you very much for your availability. Big hug and see you always! Your name".

show your recognition

Keep in mind that when someone sends you a letter of recommendation, it means that they have had to take the time to think and write the message about their abilities and skills. An act that deserves its recognition not only implicit but, above all, explicit.

So take the time now to genuinely thank him. And to show that gratitude, there's nothing better than making yourself available to reciprocate, if you haven't already.

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