Transfer Money and how to install MB Way App

How to Install MB WAY App to Transfer Money

Let's see how to use the MB Way App to, in a practical and fast way, transfer money between mobile phones. With this Application (App) we can send money from the bank account associated with this App to the account of another person who also has the same App installed on their mobile phone. We'll see how to install and how to pay with the MbWay App, showing all the steps to take.

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How to install MB Way App on mobile phone

The MB Way App is the evolution of the previous application, MB Net, to version 2.0!

The MB Way Application must be installed on the mobile phone. To do this, you can see more details in the following article, which explains how to install the MB Way or MB Net cards.

With the App installed and the necessary procedures completed to use it, you can transfer money in a simple and secure way.

So, at the beginning you have to enter the password, that is, your Pin MB Way.

How to Install MB Way App and Use to Transfer Money
Image: MB Way Application Password

You can also use MB Way on your computer or tablet, but the most practical way is, in fact, with Smartphone and App, for IOS or Android.

How to use MB Way to send the amount you want

Choose the "Send Money" option.

MB Way App Options
Image: MB Way App Options

The Application shows you the contacts you have on your phone and you now have to choose who you want to Transfer the money to.

You can search by the name of your contact, as shown here.

Contacts who present themselves have the MBWay App installed.

Contacts for Transferring Money from one MBWay App to another
Image: Contacts for Transferring Money from one MBWay App to another

For example, sending money to Pássaro no Ombro, your Blog of choice!

After choosing the contact to whom you are going to send money, the option of the amount is then presented, as well as the possibility of writing a text that helps to identify the purpose of the sending.

For example, it can be the payment of a consultancy action, as illustrated:

Transfer Money using MB Way Application
Image: Transfer Money using the MB Way App

Cash Value Submission Summary

At the end, a summary is presented as follows:

Review and Send Money with the MB Way App
Image: Review and Send Money with the MB Way App

The transaction amount, 80 €, for the contact “Pássaro no Ombro”, With the telephone number associated with it (here omitted) as well as the text that recalls the purpose of sending money, in this case, regarding“ Consultancy ”.

And also, the debit or credit card that is associated with this MB Way account, as well as the cost of the transaction.

If everything is correct, click on the “Send Money” button.

Previous Activity with the MB Way App

Through the “Activity” menu, we can also access the register of the various money transfers already made.

You can view all activities or use a filter to only see those that interest you, as there are other features available in this ATM on your mobile phone, such as "Pay with MB Way", "Request Money" or "Split the account".

MBWay Application Activity
Image: MBWay App Activity

In addition to transferring money between mobile phones, you can, for example, buy a ticket using the MB Way App.

The process how to pay with MB Way is identical to the one we explained for transferring money.

Filter Activity MB Way App
Image: Filter Activity MB Way App

MB Way App Usage Costs

The installation and use of the application itself is free, however some banks charge a commission.

If the Bank you are using has fees and you believe that this type of use will be frequent, all you have to do is link your MBWay App to another bank account that exempts you from these costs or has lower costs.

O MB Way website there is a list of participating Banks that you can consult.

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