How to improve the LinkedIn Profile and adapt it to your Professional Profile

We've seen it before how can you have a good Curriculum and how to improve the Linkedin Profile, putting a more attractive background image. This image may be more appropriate to your professional profile, improving the appearance of the Linkedin profile. In addition, we will also see, what they are and the importance of the keywords Linkedin.

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Images for the background of your Linkedin profile

Let's exemplify with some images that can be used as the profile background.

Technology, your professional profile
Always writing
Always writing
Flying high; your professional profile
Flying high
Do more
Do more
HR Expert; keywords Linkedin
HR Expert

You must write a Curriculum that is true and that makes your technical and personal skills known. Although difficult to do, you can get some ideas by reading several Curricula.

Keywords used in LinkedIn profile

In this article we are going to give indications to include, in the Curriculum preparation, some words or phrases that best describe your professional profile and that, in the search for professionals and in recruitment, these “Linkedin keywords” can be used and more easily be yours Linkedin profile which appears first, giving you an advantage.

With the Curricula accessible on the Internet, in particular on this Linkedin platform, one of the advantages that exists for those who want to recruit or find a partner for their business is being able to do research to find the profile of the professional they are looking for, such as the research we do with the Google search engine, to find products or services.

In this case, searches are made within the Linkedin platform, to find professionals with certain characteristics.

As with Google searches, there are results that appear on the first page. It is this optimization of Linkedin keywords that we will address here.

So how to improve the LinkedIn profile?

Let's take an example. We want to find a creative to help with the blog Pássaro no Ombro. Which Linkedin keywords should we use? We want a Designer!

So let's look for a Designer, searching the LinkedIn:

Your professional profile. Search Designer, Keywords Linkedin
Search Designer

4.505.841 results appear.

Well, this result will be a lot of work to analyze. We will reformulate the objective because what we want is a web designer and we will search using this phrase, among many Linkedin keywords that we could think of.

Linkedin keywords
Web Designer

478.678 results appear. A result much less than the result of looking for a designer. In principle, a web designer is a specialty within designers and therefore there will be less.

This is the recruiter's point of view. For those looking for professionals for a given role, they will have to use more complete phrases.

From the point of view of those who are disclosing their Profile, one of the important things is not to use too many generic terms where the offer or the competition is high. On the contrary, think about what sets you apart to stand out from the competition.

Choose the right keywords

Besides being a designer, he knows how to make web pages. You can continue to use the word designer, but web designer will certainly set you apart. Note that writing a web designer is one word while web designers are two. So if your role is a web designer, and assuming it is well written, in fact your profile will appear both as a web designer and as a designer. It is as if a web designer is a key word and a designer is another. Of course, web would also be a key word in this case, except that probably nobody would look for a web professional or have 14.135.160 results, where web designers, web consultants, web developers, web consultants, web operations, etc. would be.

We have seen how the results appear globally.

Show up first in search results

Let's see now, a way on how to improve the LinkedIn profile, so that it can appear closer to the beginning of the search results.

It is a question of positioning the keywords, in this case the word web designer.

To improve the Linkedin Profile there are several components.

It starts with the Introduction to the Profile, where the title (“headline”), the current position and the summary of the experience are placed. Only after this information comes the complete Curriculum, with the companies where you work or worked and the functions you performed and the results you achieved.

The abstract, which cannot exceed 240 words, must contain the key words and phrases that it considers relevant for research.

But the “Headline-” that can only have 15 words are the keywords Linkedin as this is the privileged place and that will give more value to the search result. Put here the words that you consider most relevant, develop in more detail in the summary and complement the full description of the Curriculum.

We can consider that the keywords Linkedin are two or three words that in themselves define well what is intended and help to obtain the correct result in online searches. In the past this was also important, not because of the search engines, but to identify the strengths of each candidate. What are your technical skills, what experience have you acquired to obtain them and especially personal skills, today referred to as "soft skills". Nothing more than your professional profile.

There are companies that intend to have creative people, or who have a great capacity for communication, leadership, negotiation, or the ability to work in teams, among others. If we have any technical and personal skills that should be mentioned, they should be mentioned in the Curriculum and in particular in these Profiles that are accessible on the Internet.

Do not forget that searchers can make queries using Boolean logic and using quotation marks to search for an exact term.

Your professional profile thanks you! One way to improve your LinkedIn profile!

Here's another example

“Web designer” AND “Freelancer” AND “SEO”

How to improve the LinkedIn profile; your professional profile
How to improve the LinkedIn profile. Web Designer Frelancer and SEO

In this case 5.243 results appear

Another example, using the Linkedin Profile, author of this article.

My Linkedin profile appeared in 168 search results. This information appears on the “Dashboard”, the private Control Panel.

See how many search results your Linkedin Profile has. If it appeared more often so much better, if it appeared less, its descriptions are probably not adjusted to the reality of the world in digital transformation. Fit better to your professional profile.

My Dashboard
My Dashboard

How can I find out which keywords recognized my Profile?

Just click on the search results button to see which keywords were used and which found my Profile.

Keywords found in my profile
Keywords found in my profile

Or who were the companies that sought a profile similar to mine.

Keywords Linkedin. Companies that sought a profile similar to mine; your professional profile
Companies looking for a profile similar to mine

Who were the people who, when searching, found my Profile?

In this case, just click on the button “Who saw your profile” to see some people who saw my Linkedin profile.

Linkedin profile. Who saw my profile and search trend
Who saw my profile and search trend

Analyzing if the demand trend is going up or down, can give indications not only of what the market is looking for but also of adjustments that you can make to your professional profile and that can increase or decrease the search results.

I use Linkedin in its base version. The Premium version, which is paid, has the possibility to view all the information from the last 90 days.

If you want, you can see the “hands-on” explanation in this video and get a complement in the sense of how to improve the LinkedIn profile, adjusting it to your professional profile.

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    Congratulations! A current topic about a very powerful tool when used professionally. The article is simple, well documented for the purpose in view, effective. It also has the virtue of forcing everyone to think about their case and be creative to make a difference.

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