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How to have a good Curriculum more attractive and improve the Profile on Linkedin

How to improve LinkedIn Profile in 4 steps and use background image for Linkedin. Every day we learn new things or new “nuances” from old things. To show your professional skills, what you can do with your curriculum and have a good profile on Linkedin, in order to make it more suitable and above all, more attractive, is what we intend to show here.

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How to improve the LinkedIn profile by renewing the background image for Linkedin, the Profile Cover

Linkedin is a platform that aims to highlight the professional presence of each one of us. That is why it is important that our Profile appears in the best possible way.

The words you use to define your skills are also important and we will note the Keyword that you should use.

Your photo must be “professional” or better, the way you would like to present yourself as a professional and how you want other professionals to see you. More formal or less formal, depending on the activity you perform. But you must have a picture of yourself and not the family or the dog or even a photograph.

Behind your photo there is a background image (or cover) that can make your Profile more attractive and appropriate to your interests, personality and professional experience.

Example with this background image for Linkedin:

Linkedin profile background image for Linkedin
Linkedin Profile

You can get an image and place it on the background of your Profile, header, background or cover, as you can also say.

The 4 steps to improve your CV and Profile on Linkedin

1st Start by finding a photo ideally sized at 1538 x 396 px. Alternatively, you can take advantage of the “Linkedin Background” website, which offers a wide range of options for free. Just click on the image below to “land” on this site

Background Image for Linkedin. Free images site.
Background Image for Linkedin. Free images site.

Choose the theme, for example "businesses", browse and check the image that best suits your interests.

Keep looking and select, for example, the photo “getting things done” (use the “next” button, as this image is on the 2nd screen).

How to improve your LinkedIn profile, Images from the "Business" Category Background image for Linkedin
How to improve the profile on Linkedin, Images from the “Business” Category

Save the image to a folder on your computer. Make a note of the file name so that you have no doubts when you want to use it later.

"Getting Things Done" image background image for Linkedin
Getting Things Done

2º Edit the profile on Linkedin, clicking on the edit icon, under the cover on the right side, as shown below.

Then edit the background, that is, the cover image.

Edit the Linkedin Profile
Edit the Linkedin Profile

With this screen present, proceed to the 3rd step.

3º Change the cover image by clicking on the editing symbol on the right side. If you wanted to change your photo, you would have to click on the corresponding icon that is placed next to your photo.

Change your Profile Cover Image
Change your Profile Cover Image

Apply the image you saved in the meantime.

4º At the end don't forget to save what you modified (scroll down until you find the button to save your changes).

Finally, in this sense of how to improve the profile on Linkedin, you can also choose free images elsewhere, just click on the next image to take you to that “site” and then do what we have explained before.

Another free images site. Background image for Linkedin
Background image. Another free images site

We also present a video that shows, “hands on”, how you can change the background image for Linkedin, thus enhancing your profile.

We hope that you now have a good profile on Linkedin and that this will help create opportunities.

See also how you can make a good curriculum vitae, that stands out from the competition.

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