How to get CMD digital mobile key

How to get Digital Mobile Key – Simple and secure process

You can create Digital Mobile Key (CMD) to authenticate to various public and private websites. Uses a password or PIN ("personal identification numbers”) defined by you. It also associates your mobile phone, to confirm the correct use of the digital key, through a security code that is sent by SMS. It is, therefore, a simple and very safe way to enter several websites. How to obtain the mobile digital key online, at the Authentication Portal.

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How to obtain the Digital Mobile Key

To create your Key, you can access the Portal ePortugal, selecting the option “AUTENTICAÇÂO.GOV” and “Digital Mobile Key”.

Digital Mobile Key on the ePortugal Portal
Fig 1. Digital Mobile Key on the ePortugal Portal

Alternatively, you can go directly to the Authentication Portal, “".

When selecting “Digital Mobile Switch” as shown on the previous screen, the system returns this position:

Authentication Portal
Fig 2. Authentication Portal

Within the Authentication Portal, the “Digital Mobile Key” menu is selected and you have to click on the “Activate” button.

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Fig 3 Digital Mobile Key Option, on the Authentication Portal
Fig 3. Digital Mobile Key option, in the Authentication Portal

There are 3 ways to get the mobile digital key:

  • In person, at one of the branches or citizen shops or companies.
  • Online, if you have a Citizen Card, card reader and PIN code for authentication.
  • Through the Finance Portal, which sends a letter with a temporary password, which you will have to change to your own PIN. You don't need a card reader.

Let's follow this last option to order and create the mobile key.

Thus, to create the “Digital Mobile Key”, you must select “Activate Via Finance”.

When selecting the Key Request, through the Finance Portal, you access the website of the Tax Authority (AT) where you request your key.

Activate the Mobile Key through the Finance website

Authentication through AT
Fig 4. Authentication through AT

Authentication is done by entering your tax identification number (TIN) and the password you use to access the Finance Portal.

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It is admitted that you are already registered on the Finance Portal.

Authentication through AT
Fig 5. Authentication through AT

After authenticating, you must authorize your Taxpayer Number and Name to be provided to the Digital Mobile Key entity.

Authorization for your TIN to be provided to the Digital Mobile Key
Fig 6. Authorization for your TIN to be provided to CMD

After Authorization, you are automatically directed to the authentication site, via the Finance Portal.

Digital Mobile Key Authentication
Fig 7. Digital Mobile Key Authentication

Once here, associate the cell phone number you want to use with your Digital Mobile Key. You can also associate your email.

Associate digital media
Fig 8. Associate digital media

Click on the box at the bottom of the screen to indicate “I authorize obtaining civil identification, name, address, date of birth and expiration date of the citizen card (mandatory)”.

Finally click on the “Next” button.

The authentication process will follow.

If an error occurs, try again later.

Whenever an error occurs, for security reasons the system forces you to start over from the beginning.

We arrived at the information that “You will receive an SMS with the security code”. You have to enter that code in the dialog box.

You will receive an SMS on your phone
Fig 9. You will receive an SMS on your mobile phone

Enter the security code you received on your mobile phone, for example “123456” and the process is complete.

You receive the information saying that, within five working days, you will receive a letter with the PIN code of the Digital Mobile Key.

Information that you will receive a letter with a PIN from the Digital Mobile Key
Fig 10. Information that you will receive a letter with the PIN

Finalize the Authentication Process

You will receive the letter, via CTT, a few days later, with the Digital Key PIN code that will allow you to continue the authentication process. It is a temporary code, generated automatically and randomly and which is used exclusively for authentication.

Return to the authentication location.

Back to Authentication
Fig 11. Back to Authentication

Authenticate to obtain the definitive Digital Mobile Key.

Digital Mobile Key Authentication
Fig 12. Authentication with Digital Mobile Key

Enter your mobile number and the PIN sent to you and click on "Authenticate".

Enter mobile phone number and PIN you received
Fig 13. Enter mobile number and PIN you received

You can now change the temporary PIN to the permanent one.

Use a PIN that is between 4 and 8 digits. The more digits, the more secure the access becomes.

Change the temporary PIN received by letter, Digital Mobile Key
Fig 14. Changing the temporary PIN received by mail

Do not forget this PIN and if you keep it, do so so that it is only accessible and visible to you.

Records definitive PIN
Fig 15. Definitive PIN register

And thus ends the process of obtaining the PIN to create the CMD.

Portals that already use the Digital Mobile Key

There is a long list of entities adhering to authentication through the Digital Mobile Key (CMD) and which can be consulted on the Portal “Authenticaçã”.

Example of some Portals that use the CMD, to register,

Using Digital Mobile Key

For example, you can enter the Finance website, even if you are registered, using the CMD.

Example with Finance Portal
Fig 16. Example with Finance Portal

On the website of the Tax Authority (AT), click on “Start Session”.

Authenticate with Digital Key on the AT Portal
Fig 17. Authenticate with Digital Key on AT Portal

Choose the “Gov.Pt” option and click on “AUTENTICAÇÃO.GOV”.

Authenticate with Digital Key on the AT Portal
Fig 18. Authenticate with Digital Key on AT Portal

Finally, click on “Authorize” the use of your tax identification.

Authorize the use of personal data
Fig 19. Authorize the use of personal data

Here are the steps already explained and it is positioned in your data from the Finance Portal.

In this simple and secure way, you will know how to obtain your digital mobile key.

This form of authentication is also available to foreign citizens residing in Portugal

Take advantage of technologies to make your life simpler!

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