Example Recommendation Letter for Linkedin

Example Recommendation Letter for Linkedin

Genuine recommendations are an asset to anyone looking for an alternative to their professional career. It is therefore very important that we know how to write a letter of recommendation using Linkedin so that, with this testimony, we can enhance the curriculum of the person to whom it is addressed and positively impress recruiters. Let's look at an example letter of recommendation that we can use on LinkedIn or even in the form of a letter sent to a company.

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what should be considered

Linkedin is increasingly a tool used by recruiters to find people with the right profile for the role they are looking for.

One of the most sought after things are recommendations because they are a way to validate the skills you are looking for.

Therefore, when making a recommendation, it is important to consider these 3 points:

  1. State the professional relationship with the person to whom the recommendation is addressed
  2. Praise the aspects that seem most relevant to you from a professional, not a personal, point of view
  3. Be honest in the considerations you write, objectively and avoid mentioning weaknesses.

Linkedin recommendation example

Let's look at some ideas for recommending co-workers, employees you know inside or outside your company or even business partners.

If you write a good recommendation, most likely, as a form of thanks, you will also be sent a letter of recommendation.

Letter of Recommendation, Example for Coworker

I worked with Diogo for 10 years in XPTO's Sales Department. He is a dedicated professional, focused on goals and results. He is an excellent negotiator and, when he cannot reach a certain goal, he is very resilient and always manages to find alternatives that can compensate for this result. Very customer-oriented, solving problems that are presented with great agility and sympathy. Therefore, he maintains great empathy with clients who are very satisfied with his work. Internally, Diogo is an example and a reference for all his colleagues, helping the team to maintain a positive and winning spirit.

Letter of Recommendation, Example for hierarchical superior

I had the opportunity to work with António for over five years. He is a leader who, in the face of any challenge, can, with his experience, find the best way to motivate us, making the difficulties we encounter rather considered challenges that we all have to overcome. In this way, it achieves the best results for each one of us, for the company and for the customer. It was a great privilege to work with António, from whom I learned, for the professional results we obtained and for having found an excellent mentor. I highly recommend this professional of excellence.

Letter of Recommendation, Example for Business Partner

I had the pleasure of working with Patrícia for ten years and I retain her exceptional professionalism. She is an excellent negotiator and manages her relationships with a high level of integrity and respect.

During our work together, Patrícia was always very proactive and innovative in the solutions she presented, strengthening the partnership between our companies and increasing the level of confidence necessary for the results to be achieved.

It would be a great pleasure to work with her again!

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