Efficient Home Portal Program

Efficient Home Program

We will verify, with the help of a simulator, the feasibility of some works that can be carried out in our house, as well as the installation of new equipment that contributes to the improvement of energy efficiency, or even the use of renewable energies, among others, by accessing the Portal Casa Eficiente program.

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Efficient Home Portal Simulator

In addition to being able to verify, with this simulator “Efficient House 2020”, the economic benefits of investing in energy efficiency improvements, the use of renewable energies, water efficiency, improved environmental performance and urban solid waste management, the Casa Eficiente Portal also allows the use of loans with advantageous conditions.

This program is valid for both houses and condominiums and, in this case, it can affect both private and common areas.

Start by identifying the place in the house where you want to improve energy efficiency.

Image1. Efficient Home Portal Program
Image1. Efficient House Portal Program

Simulating Energy Efficiency Improvement

If you want an improvement in energy efficiency, choose this option and then several hypotheses arise.

Image 2. Simulate energy efficiency
Image 2. Simulate energy efficiency

If, for example, you have a large glazed window and you want to replace it with another that has a better energy performance, choose the option “glazed envelope".

Further down the screen, answer whether you live in an apartment or a house and which type, floor, construction period and configuration best describe the apartment, if you have chosen an apartment.

With these elements introduced in the simulator, it makes an estimate that, through the data entered, calculates an energy saving in Kilo-watt hours (kWh), as well as the equivalent percentage reduction in consumption and what this reduction means in euros/hour annually.

In the example we reproduced, the reduction is €38,51/year, that is, if the purchase of windows and assembly cost €385, then, in the period of 10 years, roughly speaking, your investment is amortized, without going into financial details.

In addition, the comfort of your home improves and the contribution to the environment is remarkable, as it reduces energy consumption by 7,03%.

Image 3. Energy efficiency
Image 3. Energy efficiency

Continuing to use the simulator of the program of the efficient home portal:

Click on the button to add the simulation, answer if you want to carry out other operations and, if you choose only this hypothesis, it goes to the validation phase.

Evaluate and validate the simulation

Image 4 Simulation Validation
Image 4. Simulation Validation

At this stage, analyze if your answer is correct and select the issue of the model budget.

With this template, duly completed, you can ask several construction companies, registered on this platform and qualified for the purpose, budgets for what you want.

Simulate Use of Renewable Energy Sources

If you want to use renewable energy sources in your home, for example, to install chargers for electric cars, go back to the simulator, choose the option for energy sources renewable energy and after that, charging points. You'll have to record how many charging points you need and how powerful each one is.

This idea may not save on the energy it consumes, but it is the natural sequence for those who purchased an electric car and want to have greater autonomy in charging it.

Image 5. Renewable Energy Sources
Image 5. Renewable Energy Sources

Other hypotheses to consider

There are more possibilities that you can explore in the simulator, namely, for the purchase of a fridge, washing machine, dishwasher, irrigation system, swimming pool, wall covering.

Another possibility is to find alternative suppliers for energy saving. The bill can improve!

Efficient Home 2020 Statement

The efficient home program issues a Declaration which, together with the budget, can deliver and borrow from one of the banks adhering to this government program.

See also other features

If you want, you can download the Regulation.

Efficient Home Regulation 2020

Regulation of the "Efficient House 2020" Program

Send download link to:

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