Driving license on mobile App id gov pt

Driving license on mobile phone

In society 4.0, where everything is moving towards digitization, it is increasingly common for us not to use cardboard or paper media and to replace them with mobile and transportable digital media. This is the case of the driving license, the Documento Único Automóvel (DUA) and the citizen card that can be accessed through a mobile application, the App Id Gov pt.

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The official application that allows you to host IDs, the App id.gov.pt

The citizen's card is the physical identification document that, in addition to data about the citizen, contains a chip that allows identification to any public or private entity, either personally or digitally.

That's why a smart card or “smart card” that has processing capacity and memory, with security mechanisms. There are ISO Standards that define the respective requirements.

The id.gov.pt App is an application developed by the Public Administration of the Portuguese State that allows you to store and consult identification documents digitally and which can contain not only the citizen's card, but also the driving license, the Documento Único Automóvel , the ADSE card and the former combatant card.

The driving license in this digital format can be presented to the authorities and this use is foreseen in the Article 85 of the Highway Code.

Installation of the id.gov.pt App

To install the App on your mobile phone you must have the Mobile Digital Key (CMD) active.

All features of the application need to have this key to work, in addition to the authentication process when entering the App.

Search for the App id.gov.pt and install it on your phone.

Driving license and citizen card on mobile phone
Image. Driving license and citizen card on mobile phone

You must set a 4-digit passcode. Confirm and don't forget this code.

Once installed, select the cards you want to load.

You are informed about the need to use your personal data. Moving to the next stage depends on your acceptance.

By accepting the use of your personal data, you are asked for a Mobile Digital Key (CMD).

The CMD is made up of the mobile phone number and the PIN provided when you obtained it.

For safety in using the application, an SMS is sent to the mobile phone with a code that you have to enter, giving you 5 minutes to do so.

Once the process is completed, the citizen card on the mobile phone is available in the App, as well as the ones to choose from among those available.

Validation of driving license data on mobile phone

The id-gov.pt application allows not only the visualization of documents, but also their validation.

The validation of each document is done through a validator of "QR code” similarly to what is already done with the digital vaccination certificate.

From the application menu, you can validate documents.

With the document present you can also download in PDF format or print.

The id.gov.pt app is free and easy to use and is available for IOS and Android.

The App works offline, but only for viewing cards. It does not allow you to validate the QR code, nor does it allow you to update data or generate documents in PDF format.

There are more and more entities that accept this form of identification instead of the physical format.

The National Data Protection Commission (CNPD) issued a opinion (98/2021) to “adopt measures that safeguard the fundamental rights of citizens” and minimize the risk of “identity usurpation”.

There are other apps that are interesting and that you can see here, MySNS 24, Passwords in Citizen Shops.

You can also get details how to order the authentication via Digital Mobile Key (CMD).

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