Declaration of non-debt to Social Security Contribution Status

Declaration of no Debt to Social Security

To obtain a declaration of no debt to Social Security, simply access the Direct Social Security Portal. It's the easiest way, avoiding going to Social Security services. This certificate allows the citizen to present, to the entity that is requesting it, their situation, with a declaration of contributory status with Social Security. That is, if you have any debt or if your situation is regularized.

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Why do you need a declaration of no debt to Social Security?

There are several situations in which this declaration can be requested. For example when applying for a job at a state institution.

What steps to follow to obtain the online declaration

Start by entering the Direct Social Security Portal with your social security number (NISS) and password.

Direct Social Security
Image 1. Direct Social Security Portal

If you prefer, or if you are not registered, you can obtain and use the Digital Mobile Key.

After registration, choose the option “Current Account”.

Checking Account Option
Image 2. Current Account Option

Scroll down until you find the “Contributory Status” option and select it.

Contributory Situation Option
Image 3. Click on the Option Link

With the contributory situation present:

Obtain Certificate of Non-Debt to Social Security
Image 4. Get Declaration

Select "Get Contribution Status Statement".

Delivery and validity of the Contribution Status Statement

After the option “Get Contribution Status Statement”, choose the option “Start Order”.

Start Request to Obtain Social Security Non-Debt Statement
Image 5. Initiate Request to Obtain Social Security Non-Debt Declaration

The declaration is issued free of charge, within a maximum period of 10 working days, counting from the date of the request.

The following are your personal details that you will need to verify.

If they are correct, click on the "Submit" button.

Check the Data to Submit Contribution Status Request
Image 6. Check the Data to Submit a Contribution Status Request

Your contributory situation before Social Security is shown below:

Regularized Contributory Situation
Image 7. Regularized Situation

Declaration that can be printed or saved on your PC, in an appropriate folder.

Printed Social Security Non-Debt Statement
Image 8. Printed Statement of No Debt to Social Security

This contribution statement is valid for 4 months.

If you want you can consult and print the declaration issued online, using the Direct Social Security Portal. Just follow the options:

Current Account >> Contributory Situation >> See Declaration of Contributory Situation.

You can also authenticate using the digital mobile key.

In this case, instead of registering with Social Security. Choose "Authenticate yourself here".

Digital Mobile Key Authentication
Image 9. Authentication with Digital Mobile Key

You must give your authorization to use your data for authentication purposes.

Authorize the Use of Your Data
Image 10. Authorize the Use of Your Data

Enter your mobile phone number and the Digital Mobile Key PIN. Click "Authenticate".

Use the Digital Mobile Key
Image 11. Use Digital Mobile Key

Enter the security code you received via SMS.

Additional Security Code Received by SMS
Image 12. Additional Security Code Received by SMS


The rest of the process is the same as we described earlier.

You can also request a proof of tax address through the Finance Portal.

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