Get rid of the cards and notes. Online can create virtual credit card, mb net card

Create online virtual credit card, mb net card

Assuming that having a virtual credit card means having a freer life, let's see how to create a virtual credit card online and very simply. A kind of temporary and free card, the mb net card, which is now available on the MB Way App.

Getting rid of coins and bills makes life easier, for example to make payments for the parking in Lisbon.

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Virtual credit card instead of physical card

Instead of using your usual credit card for “online” transactions, for example purchasing books and other items from online stores, it is a good idea to use a virtual digital card such as the temporary MB NET card, which has undergone some changes and passed to be integrated into the MB WAY service, which allows the generation of mb net cards.

Risk of Losing Your Royal Card
Risk of Losing Your Royal Card

Thus, since credit cards usually have higher ceilings, we increase the security of our transactions.

The physical card can be lost, stolen or even cloned. Avoid the risk of using real cards.

For off-site transactions, the online virtual credit card does the same and is more secure, as the real bank card details are not made available to the merchant. Furthermore, the temporary MB NET card is subject to limits previously defined by you.

How to make your credit card virtual

If you want to shop online safely, you can use the temporary mb net card.

Virtual credit card on your mobile
Virtual credit card on your mobile

Shopping online requires you to provide details of the payment cards associated with your bank account.

Although “online” stores are increasingly investing in security systems, some of them are not well known, and it may be an increased risk that we run when a card, which may have higher credit “plafonds”, becomes available at the “ electronic cloud”.

A safer option to avoid these risks is the creation of a virtual credit card, which is associated with your bank account but which has a temporary validity, defined by you, as well as the value associated with it.

In fact, we can have as many virtual cards as we want, for certain types of payment.

The MB NET service is a service that has been on the market for some time and is now associated with MB WAY.

How to make mb net card: 4 steps to get started

To create your MB NET account, you must associate it with a debit or credit card from your bank. To be able to make these virtual cards, you will have to open an account at MB WAY, through the ATMs.

  1. Insert your bank card in the ATM machine;
  2. Select the “MB Way” option;
  3. Indicate which mobile number you will associate with this card. It must be the same as the one associated with the bank card account you are using;
  4. Also define what the password will be. The Application identifies this password, as PIN MB WAY. It must be kept secret, be a difficult number to discover and have at least 6 digits to memorize.

Install the MB WAY App

Once registered, you must download the appropriate Application for your mobile phone. I used the Playstore.

Choose the MB WAY Application to create a virtual credit card
Choose the MB WAY Application to create a virtual credit card

Before installing the Application you can see the “ranking” of the evaluations and some criticisms from the already users.

Once the choice has been made, proceed with the installation on your mobile phone.

Install the MB WAY Application
Install the MB WAY Application

Start using the MB WAY application in 3 steps

  1. To start using this Application and for your safety, in addition to the telephone number, indicate the password you gave previously,
  2. They will send you an SMS to activate your account via SMS to your mobile phone,
  3. You must also indicate your email and MB Way will send you a second activation code, which you will have to confirm.

The Application is ready and safe to be used.

There is no charge as we are creating a free virtual card.

You can find out which Banks are adherent by consulting the MB Way website frequently asked questions.

Security ATM SIBS, mb net card, Mb Way
SIBS ATM Security
Create mb net card now through MB WAY
Create MB NET now through MB WAY

Configure the temporary, virtual credit card

So, let's start by configuring the data common to each temporary card, in 2 more steps.

General settings menu. Configure cards and Daily limit
General settings menu. Configure cards and daily limit
  1. You will have to define the maximum daily limit that you want to accept in order to generate mb net card. For example, you can accept that your real card has a maximum daily limit to generate MB NET cards of 100 euros. There is no limit to the number of MB NET cards you can generate. But, if you want to generate 10 MB NET cards all with the same limit value, then each virtual card costs 10 euros.
  2. You must also set the daily limit for payments. If the daily limit for payments is 50 euros and you have 3 virtual cards, each with a maximum daily limit of 20 euros, and if on one day in 2 of them you spend 40 euros, you will only be able to spend 10 euros on the third card of virtual credit, even if I have defined that the limit is higher.

How to create the MB NET card

Once you are registered with MB NET, you can make payments on national and foreign websites, as long as they accept payments with the brand of the card with which you joined MB NET. Whenever you want to make a purchase, you will have to generate a temporary MB NET card.

Create the mb net card

  • Access the MB WAY Application and select the “MB NET Cards” menu;
Cards menu to create virtual credit card
Cards menu to create virtual credit card
  • Choose the option “CREATE” card, to generate MB NET card;
  • Indicate the type of card you want: “Single purchase” (it is valid for one month and is suitable for a single purchase) or “Multiple Purchases” card (it has the validity you want to define, up to a maximum of 12 months, and allows you to make several purchases from the same merchant or even “Recurring Payment” (for monthly or similar expenses);
  • You can give the card a title, for example


With a title it is easier to relate to a certain type of purchase and it is also easier to memorize than the card identification number.

Define the maximum amount to spend, which can be monthly or for the total validity period;

  • Enter the MB Way PIN, your secret security code.

MB NET temporary card is created

The process to create the virtual credit card has come to an end and the mb net temporary card is created, looking like this:

Example virtual card with the name pedrocompras1
Example virtual card with the title – pedrocompras1

After generating the mb net card, you can see the movements you have already made, cancel the temporary MB NET card and even change the name to another that is more convenient for you. When you need to indicate the card number, validity and CVV2 code, you have to select “Show data”.

Below, for example, the same card with another name:

Example virtual card with the name Passaro on the Shoulder 1
Example virtual card with name – Pássaro no Ombro 1
  • When making the payment on the website for your purchases, you must use the data indicated on the MB NET temporary card - card number, expiration date and CVV2.
Free yourself from Real Credit Cards and use mb net card
Get Rid of Real Credit Cards
  • Regularly, to make a careful management, check the movements of each card and if the availability is already low for the next transactions you can cancel the card and create a new one.

Start using a virtual credit card!

Now that you know how to create the virtual credit card, start using it and avoid using the physical card.

In addition to online shopping, you can also transfer and send money online to the account of another person who also has this system implemented on their mobile phone.

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