Citizen Map app and get passwords online

Citizen Map app to get passwords online at Citizen Stores

The Mapa de Cidadão App is an application for mobile devices that allows you to find the nearest public services, book an appointment and obtain a password online at Lojas de Cidadão. Thus, it is possible to monitor the numbers called and the waiting time for the last password, using your Smartphone. With these features, the Citizen Map Application makes it possible to make the most of our waiting time at the service location.

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What is the Citizen Map App and what is it for?

It is an application developed for use on mobile devices, available for operating systems AndroidIOS e Windows Phone.

This App allows you to monitor the evolution of queues remotely and, therefore, plan your trip to a customer service more effectively. We can know how many people are on hold and the password that is on hold.

You also have the possibility of obtaining passwords online to be attended to in person at some Public services, namely at Citizens' Stores. Passwords are made available by the services themselves, according to their management.

The Citizen's Map App shows the closest service locations as long as georeferencing is activated on the smartphone.  

You can also find the best route to get to the desired location.

How to get the Citizen Map App

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To obtain this application, simply click on the application store icon of the Smartphone's operating system, for example the “Play Store”.

In the Play Store we can search for this App using the word “Mapa de Cidadão”, select the Mapa de Cidadão application and click on the install button.

For more details see similar process in Siga App Application.

The application icon is thus created on the Smartphone’s desktop.

How to get passwords online for Loja de Cidadão

By clicking on “Explore Services” the application displays the services we have selected and those closest to where we are, if geolocation is activated.

Fig 1 Explore Services on the Citizen Map App
Fig 1 Explore Services on the Citizen Map App

It is convenient to use the geolocation option to find the nearest Citizen Stores. You can choose to find the location either through the “life events” option (existing services) where all services are listed or by location (District, Municipality, Parish).

Fig 2 Search for services on the Citizen Map, Geolocation and All Life Events App, to obtain passwords online.
Fig 2 Search for services on the Citizen Map, Geolocation and All Life Events App, to obtain passwords online
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If you select geolocation and all life events, as shown in Fig. 2, the response will be as follows (depending on where you are).

Fig. 3 Places near you Citizen Map App
Fig. 3 Places near you Citizen Map App

On the map that is present there are icons of the various locations referred to in order of distance.

If you want, you can scroll down and “Filter” by “Citizen Stores”.

The result shows Citizen Stores that are in the area closest to you.

Fig 4 Find Citizen Stores
Fig 4 Find Citizen Stores

Once the Citizen Store is located, simply click on the appropriate icon and check the services that are available.

By clicking on the “Filter” on the map (Filter, Location and Password), see Fig. 4, you can identify the closest and open Citizen Stores.

Fig 5 Closest Filter
Fig 5 Closest Filter

If you have been using the App for a while you may have to click “Clear” so that the smartphone's memory is renewed.

If we have several issues to deal with, we can eventually “configure the ideal route” within the Citizen's Shop, given the waiting times.

If we only have one service to use, just choose the desired entity.

After choosing the entity you want, click on “view passwords” and information about the service will appear.

It remains to “ask for the password”.

Fig 6 Citizen's Shop Laranjeiras Lisbon
Fig 6 Citizen's Shop Laranjeiras Lisbon

The Mapa de Cidadão App notifies you if the request made was completed successfully. If so, you can “see password” in the personal area, “my passwords” (see fig.1) and there you can check the ones you have taken.

Just click on the password in question, in the “my passwords” personal area. Then, just request this service and where you want the SMS to be sent.

There is also an additional option, asking to be notified by SMS, which allows you to receive an alert on your smartphone when there are few passwords left for the respective service.

Criticisms made by Users of the Mapa de Cidadão App

The overall rating of the application is 2,2 (at the date of this publication) which is not an assessment of excellence and, for that reason, we looked at the comments made by users.

There are good and negative comments.

Some negative comments are sometimes controversial and seem to come from people who are averse to any innovation. Probably excellent professionals who make things happen, without errors and without needing improvements, such as, for example, the comment, “It doesn't work. Hire better programmers.”

It seems completely unreasonable to us. We can say that it could be better and, if we were more proactive, identify what could be improved. It would be the most correct behavior for a citizen. Furthermore, we have proven the opposite.

Another comment states “with an address in Braga, with an active location and yet the closest location is in Saldanha in Lisbon! I am clear about the usefulness of this pseudo application.”

It also seems to be an incorrect comment. We did tests in the areas of greater Lisbon and Porto, we used the location for Braga and it worked.

Fig 7 Taking passwords online, Lojas de Cidadão, Braga
Fig 7 Citizen Stores, Remove Passwords Online, Braga

Still, other dissatisfied users report that the distribution time for obtaining passwords online does not correspond to the distribution time for passwords on site. Sometimes they are not even available that way.

In this case, it is not the poor performance of the Mapa de Cidadão App, but the management of “customer” service in each of these locations that needs improvement.

Better yet, ask for what you need without having to travel, for example, to get the renewal of citizen's card, also online.

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