Application Follow App Take Password Online

Application Follow App to Take Password Online

Siga App is an application for mobile devices that allows you to obtain a password online, to use some Public Services, without traveling. Thus, it is possible to issue a password online, monitor the numbers called and the waiting time for the last password, via Smartphone. With these features, the Siga App Application makes it possible to attend on-site, at a time closer to service.

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What is the Follow App Application

It is an application developed to be used on mobile devices, Android or IOS. It allows you to manage the queues remotely and, thus, more effectively plan the trip to an answering service.

The functions that Siga App allows are: the possibility of issuing a password online to be attended to in person at some Public services and knowing the evolution of the service.

Although constantly updated, some of the entities that provide these services on Siga App, at the date of this publication, are:

  • Authority for Working Conditions (ACT)
  • Institute of Mobility and Transport (IMT)
  • Social Security Institute (ISS)
  • Social Security Institute – National Pension Center (ISS – CNP)
  • Institute of Employment and Vocational Training (IEFP)
  • Institute of Registries and Notaries (IRN)
  • Integrated Citizen Support Network and Integrated Business Support Network (IP-RAM)

How to Get the Siga App Application

To obtain this application, simply click on the application store icon of the Smartphone's operating system, for example the “Play Store”.

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Image 1 Desktop on Smartphone Play Store and Follow App
Image 1 Desktop on Smartphone Play Store and Follow App

In the Play Store, search for the application using the word “siga app”.

Image 2 Search Follow App on Play Store
Image 2 Search Follow App on Play Store

Select the application and click the install button.

Image 3 Install Follow App
Image 3 Install Follow App

The Siga App application is installed on the Smartphone and its icon appears on the desktop, when you want to use it.

How Users Evaluate the Application to Remove Password Online

The overall rating of the application is 3,9.

Analyzing some comments, it is clear that satisfied users, after obtaining a password online, checked the progress of the service and moved to the location closest to the time of service. This saved a lot of time.

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Unsatisfied users report that the time for distributing passwords through Siga App does not correspond to the time for distributing passwords on site. Sometimes they are not even available, in that way. It is not the poor performance of Siga App but it is the management of “customer” service that needs improvement.

Using the Application

If you want to get a password for the same day, select “Remove Password” and if you want to schedule it, select “By Subject” or “By Entity”.

Choose “subject” if you don’t know which entity handles your issue, or “entity” if you know who resolves it.

Image 4 Get password online for the same day or appointment
Image 4 Get password online for the same day or appointment

The entity where you want to obtain a virtual password or schedule a visit can be chosen either by location or by district.

If we select the District of Lisbon, the entities that, at the moment, allow issuing a password online using this Siga App Application appear.

Image 5 List of Entities
Image 5 List of Entities

After choosing where to make the appointment, the Siga App displays the number of people waiting and the service time for the last password.

Image 6 Situation selected location
Image 6 Situation selected location

By selecting “Remove Password”, the password issued has the reference H023 and it presents some information, such as the password that is being attended to, as well as the expected waiting time.

Image 7 Remove password online Follow App
Image 7 Remove password online Follow App

Then just present the virtual password on your cell phone to begin the service.

The Siga App has a menu that appears by clicking on the top left side.

Image 8 Options menu
Image 8 Options menu

The various options you can select are displayed.

Simple and convenient!

Short break and see you soon.

Siga App Usage Hours

In other cases, although it is possible to select the service through the Siga App, the time for digital passwords may have already ended.

The services only provide the functionality for issuing the password online, within a certain time frame or, in some cases, the password is only available in person.

Image 9 Situation at each service location
Image 9 Situation at each service location

Availability for the nearest days is also provided.

Image 10 Plan visit
Image 10 Plan visit

Each Service can adjust the availability of the Application, for example, suspending the issuance of passwords, possibly due to excessive demand.

In this case, we may postpone the visit to another day, with a more favorable service time.

Another possibility of use is to choose to locate the entity you want not by District, but by “Location”, in this case having to activate the “location” option on your cell phone.

Define the maximum distance you want to know where there is a password or schedule available and the result appears.

Image 11 Choose to remove password online by proximity
Image 11 Choose to remove password online by proximity

We are left with the alternative of checking whether we can obtain the services we want online without having to travel.

For example, if you need obtain proof of tax address see how to do it, through the Finance Portal.

Another service, also available online, concerns the request forrenewal of the citizen card.

See how you can get a password online for a Shop citizen.

Another interesting service you can use is to find out who is and how to lock a phone and also protect against fraudulent phone calls and emails, now increasingly frequent.

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