Application Follow App Take Password Online

Application Follow App to Take Password Online

Siga App is an application for mobile devices that allows you to take an online password to attend some Public Services, without having to travel. Thus, it is possible to issue a password online, monitor the numbers called and the waiting time for the last password, via the Smartphone. With these features, the Siga App makes it possible to show up on site, at a time closer to the service.

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What is the App Follow App

It is an application developed to be used on mobile devices, Android or IOS. It allows you to manage the queues remotely and, thus, more effectively plan the trip to an answering service.

This possibility of issuing a password online to be attended in person, in some Public Services and to know what the evolution of the service is, currently, available in Finance (AT), Institute of Mobility and Transport (IMT), Social Security (SS) and Instituto do Employment and Professional Training (IEFP).

How to get the App Follow

To obtain this application, just click on the application store icon of the Smartphone's operating system, for example the “Play Store”.

Select the Play Store

In the Play Store, search for the application using the word “Follow App”.

Search the Siga App

Select the application and click the install button.

Install App Follow App

The application icon is thus created on the Smartphone's desktop.

Siga App icon

How Users Rate the Application to Take Password Online

The overall rating of the application is 2,7, which is not a very interesting assessment.

However, analyzing some comments, it is clear that satisfied users, after taking their password online, were checking the progress of the service and moved to the location closest to the time of service. This saved them a lot of time.

Unsatisfied users refer that the password distribution time by Siga App does not correspond to the password distribution time on site. Sometimes they are not even available, by that route. It is not the poor performance of Siga App but it is the management of customer service that needs improvement.

Our Online Password Removal Experience

We can choose the entity, either by location or by district.

Location, Follow App, Take Password Online

If we select the District of Lisbon, the 4 entities that currently allow issuing a password online using this Siga App Application appear.

Select Finance

Let's go to Finance! We verified that we have 19 people waiting and that the time for answering the last password is 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Given that it is 11:53 am and that we are close to this place, it is time to get a password and go there.

Get password online Finance

The password issued has the reference H031 and the one in service is H011, 19 people in front of us.

Remove Password Online H031

It is 12:46 hr and we are called!

53 minutes have passed since the password was issued. Now we just need to present the password that is on the cell phone, to start the service.

Password H031 to be called

In the meantime, we remember that we have to collect the driving license.

We can take a password online at IMT, which has the reference G091 and as there are long queues, we are monitoring the situation.

The password itself gives the estimated waiting time. With this information, we can follow the evolution of service.

Take password online at IMT

In this case, at 17:53 hr, we verify that the password G089 is the one that is being answered and that the answer to the last password took 2:34 hr. We will no longer be attended today!

Although the objective was not achieved, the Siga App was useful, as it avoided traveling to services.

We can try another day and sooner.

Removing a password earlier, at 9:15 am, proved to be a good option. At 11:51 hr we went to the place and were then attended.

Simple, fast and convenient!

The usage times of Siga App

In other cases, although it is possible to select the service through the Siga App, the message “out of hours of the Follow App” appears.

Outside the Opening Hours of the Siga App

The services only offer the functionality of issuing the password online, within a certain time interval and, in this case, it was 17:55 hr, therefore outside the hours of use of Siga App.

Trying another day, the online password issuing service is now available.

Few people in line

In this example, it is 15:15 pm and there are few people waiting in line. We can find out how far we are from the Service, on the map also available on this App.

The distance that we are does not allow us to arrive in time and therefore we will not issue the password. We look forward to another opportunity.

Service Location

Each Service can adjust the availability of the Application, for example, suspend the issuance of passwords, possibly due to excessive demand.

In this case, we may postpone the visit to another day, with a more favorable service time.

No IEFP, for example, the Siga App application shows us two hypotheses of location: Laranjeiras or Amadora. We can choose the best option.

Alternatives to Remove password online

We are left with the alternative of checking whether it is possible to get what we want online, without having to travel.

See how you can get a password online for a Shop citizen.

For example, if you need to obtain a proof of tax address see how to do it, through the Finance Portal.

Another service, is the request for renewal of citizen's card, also online.

Another interesting service you can use is to find out who is and how to lock a phone.

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