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Aveiro restaurants - two not to be missed

Visiting Aveiro is not just walking and browsing the canals. Confectionery and, in particular, soft eggs are irresistible. But when it comes to gastronomy, there are many peculiarities of this area of ​​the country. From the freshness of fish and seafood, to the famous cod and also the white salt collected in the salt flats of the estuary, there are many options offered to visitors. As for restaurants in Aveiro, there are two options, with very different characteristics, for which here is a recommendation.

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Restaurant O Bairro

The Neighborhood, located in Largo da Praça do Peixe, Bairro da Beira Mar, a place for marnots and fishermen, who are still known for shearwaters, offers several flavors. This is a choice of combinations of the long gastronomic tradition with the recognized innovation of the people of Aveiro.

Surprising is the environment that is intended to be experienced by the client, in the company of characters from the local culture: the fishmonger, the neighbor, the tavern keeper, the grocer and the boatman who mix with the flavors, from the stew to the chanfana, with the original touch of the Chef.

The People of Bairro Da Beira Mar

The quality of the products, with the experience of those who know and feel, provide exquisite flavors. To start the freshness of some oysters and then the surprising match between cod and alheira, ending with the cheesecake from O Bairro. Accept the suggestion of wine, natural from Bairrada, complete the meal.

Restaurants in Aveiro Creativity and Tradition Restaurante O Bairro

Another of the restaurants in Aveiro, not to be missed, is 100 meters from this one.

Cais do Pescado Restaurant

The Cais do Pescado Restaurant, also next to the Fish Market, has a great terrace for warmer times. At the entrance, a counter of fresh fish and an aquarium with live seafood is presented.

It is a reception that promises.

Cais do Pescado, has a range of dishes, which between tradition and modernity, values ​​the quality of the product and therefore the choice falls on a grilled sole.

The first floor room, with a modern and pleasant atmosphere, is filled with the friendliness and professionalism of the employees.

The fish, grilled on the spot, is accompanied by a seasoned sea rice, plus seasoned vegetables. Once again, Bairrada wine was an appropriate choice.

Restaurants in Aveiro Creativity and Tradition Cais do Pescado

Next time we will take care of the colorful seafood cataplana or the iconic eel stew.

To finish off such a tasty meal, a dessert that lives up to the soft eggs, Delícia do Cais.

If you don't know how to use QR Code with the menu available in some restaurants, click on the link to learn more.

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