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Discovering Vila Viçosa and the Chagas de Cristo Convent

Stay overnight at the Vila Viçosa Palace, taste a lamb roasted in the oven in Alentejo and Manjar das Chagas, in the old refectory of the Convent and current restaurant of the Pousada de Vila Viçosa, by D João IV.

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Vila Viçosa and Paço Ducal Palace
Vila Viçosa and Paço Ducal Palace

Convent of Chagas de Cristo

The Convent was founded in 1514 by the IV Duke of Bragança, D. Jaime, who then resided in the Paço Ducal of Vila Viçosa.

This Convent built next to the Palace of Vila Viçosa dos Duques de Bragança, had the purpose of welcoming their unmarried daughters. Delivered to the Order of Santa Clara, he became known for the Convent of rich nuns.

The nobility donated large sums and lifetime pensions to the Convent, allowing the nuns to have their own rooms and servants.

At the time of King D João V, worker of Palace of Mafra, about 80 nuns were in this convent. With the extinction of the Religious Orders, which occurred by decree in 1834, the building came to be held by the Casa de Bragança.

Vila Viçosa Bed and Breakfast
Vila Viçosa Bed and Breakfast

Vila Viçosa de D João IV Bed and Breakfast

The Convent had several uses and was classified as National MonumentIn 1944.

It was installed in 1997, the Pousada de D João IV, next to the Vila Viçosa Palace.

Old furniture in Portuguese brown, murals and paintings, richly decorated vault rooms revive a past of more than five centuries and awaken the senses.

Good food in Vila Viçosa

There are many good and beautiful restaurants in Vila Viçosa, but the former refectory of the nuns, the former convent and now the restaurant of Pousada de D João IV and the excellent offer of dishes and service are noteworthy.

Amuse Bouche in the Nuns' Refectory and the Roasted Lamb in the Alentejana Oven
Amuse Bouche in the Refectory of the Nuns

You cannot fail to taste the lamb roasted in the Alentejo oven with a traditional flavor and a medieval touch.

Lamb Roast in the Oven in Alentejo
Lamb Roast in the Oven in Alentejo

Regional Sweets

delicacy of the sores
delicacy of the sores

Manjar das Chagas, with a secret and original recipe from the time of the nuns, is a recent discovery. Rabbit meat is combined, reminiscent of real hunts, which together with sugar, eggs and bread reveals a unique and delicious flavor.

Do not miss this delicacy and the lamb roasted in the Alentejo oven at this magnificent Pousada!

Convent of Chagas de Cristo Pousada de D João IV
Convent of Chagas de Cristo Pousada de D João IV

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