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The Pharmacy Museum in Lisbon

Pharmacy Museum Lisbon

The Pharmacy Museum in Lisbon is located in the National Pharmacy Association building, in front of the Santa Catarina viewpoint.

It is a visit that we recommend and that shows us the history of health with pieces from ancient civilizations such as Egypt, Mesopotan and Roman, among others.

Here are the collections of many pharmacies in our country that donated them to the Pharmacy Museum. These old pieces made it possible to preserve this heritage that, otherwise, could be lost.

In addition to these relics of Portuguese pharmaceuticals, the Pharmacy Museum has also brought together pieces that constitute an excellent perspective of the evolution of world pharmacy.

Former Liberal Pharmacy in Lisbon

We can appreciate an excellent reconstruction of the Liberal Pharmacy of Lisbon, opened in 1890. Here we find the bottles of medicine in the cupboards, the telephone of the time, the cash register and we identified the name of the Owner and Technical Director of the Pharmacy.

Pharmacy in Lisbon
Former Liberal Pharmacy in Lisbon

Various Objects and Pieces at the Pharmacy Museum

There are many curiosities.

We can compare a portable pharmacy from the XNUMXth century to the one that was taken in one of the Space Shutles in the XNUMXth century.

The Museum has machines and apparatus of all types, mortars, apothecary bottles and glass bottles.

There are stones and amulets that give health and well-being to those who have them.

Statuettes that show the interior of the human body, to observe how it works.

Estate Museum of Pharmacy in Lisbon
Estate Museum of Pharmacy in Lisbon

And there is no lack of advertisements for old medicines, such as Formitrol, in Ointment of the Old and Rogoff Garlic Pills.

Old Medicines
Old Medicines

Chinese Pharmacy

The Chinese pharmaceutical company is represented in a reconstruction of a Macau Pharmacy.

The presence of Portuguese culture is noteworthy, with the presence of a client who waits seated in turn to be served.

The Portuguese around the world did not fail to integrate the practices of the people they came across into their lives. It was no different with the cure for his ills.

Chinese Pharmacy
Chinese Pharmacy

Tribute to Odette Ferreira

Finally, a tribute to Odette Ferreira, a pioneer in the investigation and fight against AIDS.

Born in 1925 and died in 2018, at the age of 93, a pharmacist and researcher, she discovered and identified the HIV-2 virus, together with a French team.

In this regard, he left this inspiring phrase:

“The virus is complex, it is a challenge for science. I don't believe that a vaccine will ever be found, the epidemic can only be stopped by education. ”

Science and research have always played a leading role in finding a cure for diseases and, again today, the effort is to find a vaccine for Covid-19.

As Odette Ferreira said, “believe in the impossible and never give up fighting! I came out of nowhere and got this far! ”.

Pharmacy Museum in Porto

In Porto you can also visit the Pharmacy Museum.

With a large collection that illustrates the struggle of humanity against pain and the cure of diseases.

One of the most striking brands in Porto is the reconstruction of the old Pharmacy Estácio, opened in 1924 on Rua Sá da Bandeira.

Maps of the Pharmacy Museum Locations in Lisbon and Porto

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