Ronca de Elvas and the Christmas tradition of Elvas

Ronca de Elvas, an Elvas Christmas tradition

Ronca de Elvas is a musical instrument that is part of the tradition in the Christmas songs of Elvas.

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The Snore of Elvas

It has many designations elsewhere in the world, such as Zamburra, Sarronca, Zebreira and Zambomba. This mill is thought to have been brought by the Muslims who occupied the Iberian Peninsula.

It can be made with a water nora rump or a clay pot and in its mouth a membrane is placed on the animal bladder, the goat or goat being the most common today.

The rumps descend empty into the water well, are filled with water at the bottom and when they rise and reach the highest position, they pour the water into a chute that leads to the destination.

In Portugal, rumpers are also used as traps to catch octopuses.

Nora de Água e Alcatruzes, Christmas tradition of Elvas
Nora of Water and Alcatruzes

The Ronqueiros

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A cane is used that the “Ronqueiro”, with a wet hand, rubs on the cane causing the skin to vibrate, producing a peculiar sound. Depending on the shape and size of the snore, the sounds emitted are different.

Ronca and tradition at Christmas in Elvas

Ronca de Elvas Group

He is one of the great promoters of Ronca de Elvas. They maintain the tradition of coming together in public spaces playing and singing on a traditional poetic basis, in the songs of the Christmas of Elvas.

Snores are considered to be personal instruments and only their owner can use them. Some have specific signs that the craftsman gives them, making them peculiar.

Artichokes to catch octopuses. Ronvas de Elvas.
Octopus catchers

The Manufacture

It is an endangered art and that the elvenses take great care in reactivating. Luís Pedras is the craftsman who keeps the production of these snores alive. He is a scholar of ceramics and of the different paths and evolution he had, first in Asian countries and, later, in Europe. The domain of the ovens and the temperatures they can reach, make a difference. Luís Pedras knows how it is and makes this science his art.

Try together with the Municipality to certify the tradition of the use and manufacture of Ronca de Elvas, in traditions christmas, as Cultural Heritage.

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