Christmas and New Year's Eve Party in Madeira

Christmas and New Year's Eve Party in Madeira

The Christmas and New Year's Eve party, during the month of December and until Kings Day, adds to the Christmas traditions the intense rejoicing at the entrance of a new year that everyone hopes will bring more health and joy to everyone. Funchal's amphitheater, with its magnificent bay, is the place of choice for welcoming all the Christmas lights, colors and nativity scenes, which you can only live intensely, spending a few days there and, of course, not missing the famous New Year's Eve in Wood. A toast with Madeira Wine!

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New Year, New Year New Life

Illuminated nativity scene, waiting for the end of the year
Illuminated Nativity Scene

Christmas Party and the Nativity Scenes of Madeira

600 years of wood discovery
600 years of wood discovery

In all locations christmas cribs which one the most surprising.

Visit Camacha, Santana, Curral das Freiras, Ponta do Sol or Calheta and you will find, everywhere, cribs that compete for creativity and beauty.

It is a New Year's Eve always in celebration, in the streets, in bars, in restaurants and in hotels. In the houses, there are also cribs placed on balconies and windows, to the delight of all who pass by.

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Illuminated Nativity Scene on the Balcony. New Year in sight!
Illuminated Nativity Scene on the Balcony

The Christmas Market

The Christmas Party is teeming with several Christmas stalls, multiple meeting points where you can chat and taste the best regional products, meat sandwiches in vineyards, sweets, Madeira wine and traditional poncha.

Christmas market. New Year's Eve in Madeira.
Christmas market

Madeira wine

The beginning of the planting of the vineyard in Madeira began after the discovery of the island in 1419, under the orders of Infante D. Henrique.

The essence of this wine is due to its grape varieties, but also to the characteristics of the local wood, from which the vats are made and the influence of the sea breeze.

At the Christmas Party we can count on Borracheiros and their pig bladder babes, where Madeira Wine is transported between villages.

The Borracheiros
The Borracheiros
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The traditional Poncha

You cannot make a New Year's Eve in Madeira without the traditional poncha or passion fruit: 1/3 molasses or cane sugar, 1/3 cane spirit (cachaça) and 1/3 lemon or lime juice, as tradition dictates.

Traditional Poncha, like Madeira wine
Traditional Poncha

Its origins go back to the syrup that was made to conserve the lemon used in sea voyages in the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries, to prevent scurvy. In Brazil it gave rise to the “caipirinha” and in Cape Verde the “grog”.

New Year's Eve in Madeira

At the Party, the “Fogos” are an unforgettable event in themselves.

You can participate in this party night atmosphere anywhere, but the New Year's Eve in Madeira by the sea, in downtown Funchal, is intensely experienced.

Plan your trip, take the glass and the bottle of sparkling wine or Madeira wine, to the crowd, in the certainty that you will have a firework show and the roar of rockets, with a 360º amplitude.

For ten minutes we are presented with thousands of shots and a bath of light and color, breathtaking.

It is a way to celebrate the end of the year and welcome a new life, which begins anew.

New Year's Fireworks

Madeira's fireworks display was recognized in 2006 as the largest pyrotechnic spectacle in the world, by the Guinness Book of Records. The record was broken with 660.300 rounds, a rate of about 8 rounds per minute.

The First Bath of the New Year

After the end of the year and the beginning of another, it is part of the tradition to dive into the Atlantic, on some of the beautiful beaches of Madeira, with renewed hope, that the god “Ocean”Look around the island and the islets.

First Bath of the New Year. After New Year's Eve in Madeira.
First Bath of the New Year

And then, we can have a few minutes of great adrenaline, Monte pathways!

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