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The Blog Pássaro no Ombro® aims to make available, to those who accompany us, articles, images and videos of various events of our day to day, about the Topics that we approach, according to the ideas and experiences of the journey.

That's why we are open to those who want to share their experiences with us.

Rules and procedures for publishing in Pássaro no Ombro®

Submit your articles

Write your articles and send your photos.

Share your knowledge and experience with others.

Become an author on Pássaro no Ombro!

How to proceed

Check out various articles on the blog and familiarize yourself with what we publish in the various categories.

What we seek to disclose to our public is also the reason for publishing an article: giving a specific opinion and complementing a view from different angles; report on subjects and report on your experience, write about topics that excite you and reveal encounters and discoveries.

Send us articles in the following categories:

  • Good Food, Gastronomic Experiences
  • Science and Technology
  • Environment, Climate Change, Renewable Energy
  • How to Make It
  • History and Culture, Monuments
  • Entertainment, Leisure and Wellness, Adventure, Travel, Nature
  • Management and Organization

Articles must include a minimum of 3 photos and a maximum of 6, with a width of 800 px.

Your works need not be original. You can send works already published, as long as they are your own and with your own photos.

All authors whose articles are chosen for publication will have:

  • Articles published on the Blog Pássaro no Ombro®
  1. They will be shared on Facebook and Instagram Pássaro no Ombro
  2. If you have a video, it will also be published on the Youtube platform
  • We will make a referral link to your blog, website or FB page.

Author identification

Your article will be associated with your identification.

For this, you will have to send your full name and email. The abbreviated name that will be published with the title of the article. Optionally, you can also indicate:

  • The URL of your Facebook profile         
  • The URL of your Instagram profile
  • The URL of your Linkedin profile           
  • Your YouTube profile URL         

What should be included in the article

It must have an attractive title and not exceed 60 words.

The article must be between 500 and 1000 words.

Original photos or images.

Send these photos or images in a separate file and give a name to each file that highlights the meaning of each one, for example, Sardinha-assada-alfama-lisboa.jpg.

Submit a summary of the article, about 150 words.

Choose “key phrases” through which the article can be searched on search engines. For example, if you are doing an article on Santos Populares in Lisbon, it could be “Santos Populares” or “Santos Populares em Portugal”.

Include those keywords you have chosen in both the abstract and the article. Ideally the article should have around 0,5% to 0,6% of these sentences and distributed throughout the text.

See the Blog for examples of publications.

Send your article to:

Place “Article for Pássaro no Ombro" on the subject.

Thank you and we look forward to reading your article on Pássaro no Ombro🇧🇷!

Rules and procedures for approval of the article

The content must be easy to read, recommending that the periods and paragraphs are not long.

Page title and 1 or 2 key phrases.


Photos and videos.

What makes the Pássaro no Ombro®

Our website has over 10.000 views per month and is growing.

Site Performance Monthly Page Views
Site Performance, Monthly Page Views

The FB page has more than 23.000 followers worldwide and reaches over 20.000 people per month!

Performance Facebook and Instagram
Performance Facebook and Instagram

The Instagram page has over 5.000 followers.

Youtube has over 75.000 monthly views.

Youtube statistics
Youtube statistics

The site Pássaro no Ombro® is hosted on servers and has its own programs that take care of the security of readers and visitors to the site.

The Blog is ready to be viewed on computers, tablets and smartphones.

It has compatibility with mobile devices, certified by Google.

Compatibility with mobile devices
Compatibility with mobile devices


Performance and speed are excellent, measured on several existing platforms.

Geographic location of accesses in English

The site is bilingual and many visitors use the English version of the Pássaro no Ombro in various geographic origins.

Location of Accesses in English Language
Location of Accesses in English Language


Authority Score
Authority Score

Also see the Media Kit we built for you.

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