Science and Technology

We will address some topics related to science and the application of this knowledge in technology.

Science is the effort to discover and increase human knowledge of how the Universe works.

Technology is the application of scientific knowledge in functionalities, tools, processes and or materials whose use makes our lives better.

Science has its own methodologies for discovering new views of reality, a way of evaluating empirical knowledge.

We will see how science can contribute to the creation of new technologies, such as what we can do to make science discover new knowledge.

Higher Education, Use of Gamification

Higher Education, Use of Gamification

In higher education, various forms of gamification can be used to arouse interest, increase the desire to learn, develop creativity and autonomy, as well as dialogue between all.

Patents in Portugal growing above the European average

Patents in Portugal growing above the European average

Patent applications submitted by Portuguese inventors and companies to the European Patent Office (IEP) or, in the English designation, European Patent Office (EPO) have had an increasing evolution since 2013.

Nobel Prize winners Pierre and Marie Curie

Nobel Prize, Fields Medal and Abel Prize

The Nobel Prizes and the existence of such a diversity of prizes, particularly for the area of ​​Mathematics, are justified because it is a transversal tool in many areas of scientific knowledge. All of these awards are, in fact, a consequence and proof that mathematics continues to develop intensely.

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