Management and Organization

Organizational management refers to the techniques of analysis and assessment of situations that arise and the respective decision making.

It is necessary to organize the team with a mission, vision, values, achieving everything with scientific knowledge to achieve the objective.

Optimize the organization's resources in order to improve global performance.

Improve business planning skills, address how to implement a business plan and the continuous monitoring of processes, in order to ensure the correct management of what is being controlled.

Situation of Gender Inequality in Portugal

Situation of Gender Inequality in Portugal

We will analyze the situation of gender inequality in Portugal, comparing it with the countries that have the best ranking in the human development index (HDI) of the United Nations Report.

Human Development Index in Portugal Evolution and Ranking of the HDI

Human Development Index in Portugal

We analyzed the human development index in Portugal from the United Nations 2020 Report. Comparison of the Ranking and Evolution of the HDI.

Property Age Coefficient, How to Know

Property Age Coefficient, How to Know

The Old Age Coefficient for the purposes of IMI, Municipal Property Tax, is the factor that is directly related to the age of the property and can lower the IMI, if the other parameters are maintained.

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