Good food

Eat well

Good food and good drinks. Places where it is pleasant to eat, drink and socialize.

To know the rich Portuguese gastronomy and in pleasant environments.

Eat well, healthy food, “gourmet” food, homemade food and in a cozy environment.

Well-prepared dishes, with regional products and the richness of gastronomy and conviviality established around good food.

Varied snacks in different places, environments, traditions and culture.

Soft Eggs from Aveiro Moliceiro

Aveiro Soft Eggs, Confectionery with Secular History

Come and discover the history and original recipe of Aveiro's soft eggs. The secret of the Nuns of the Convent of Jesus that survived the extinction of Religious Orders. The perfect combination of Portuguese sweets and moliceiro's balance in the Ria de Aveiro.

restaurants in Vila Viçosa Portugal

Restaurants in Vila Viçosa - discovering!

Looking for restaurants in Vila Viçosa, Portugal, we found another one with good Alentejo food. The friendliness and the space are very pleasant, so among the many that exist here, we also recommend this one.

Homemade Algarvian Cataplana Recipe

Homemade Algarvian Cataplana Recipe

The Algarvian Cataplana is a real traditional Portuguese snack and dish. Let's see how we can reinvent it in our home and surprise friends and family!

Aveiro Attractions

Aveiro restaurants - two not to be missed

Modernity, creativity and tradition, hand in hand in Aveirense gastronomy. Reference to the quality of products in two restaurants in Aveiro, not to be missed.

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