A characteristic of culture is its capacity for cultural evolution to cope with changes in the environment.

The man managed to resist extreme cold climatic changes, not needing the body to adapt with more fat or more fur. He adapted, creating clothes, using fire and new rooms.

Cultural evolution is therefore faster than biological and will depend on the surrounding environment.

This makes culture as important as human biology. The loss of one of these cultural elements has an effect as devastating as the amputation of a biological physical element.

They come together in Culture, History, Art and the most diverse ways of being in life.

What can we know about Cultural Heritage, what to visit in Portugal or other places that we are discovering, giving knowledge and sharing our experience.

Monuments, museums, historic villages, traditional events, historical events, architecture, agriculture, among others.

Trips to discover the culture!

Portuguese population growth slowing down

Portuguese Population Growth to Decrease, Know Why

The growth of the Portuguese population, according to the last census, is decreasing. This loss, if not compensated, will make the country's development critical. Several factors contribute to this decrease.

Matosinhos beach

Places to visit in Matosinhos

Matosinhos assumes itself as the city of cruise tourism, the best fish in the world, contemporary architecture, design, jazz, science and research, dance, theater, surfing and sailing and now also fashion. Fashionable and trendy…

Campo Maior Municipal Garden, Inland Portugal

Campo Maior, what to visit

Campo Maior one of the villages of Portugal, bordering Spain, occupied by Celts, Romans, Moors and passing through Napoleon's French troops.

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