Vitor JR Mateus

Nobel Prize winners Pierre and Marie Curie

Nobel Prize, Fields Medal and Abel Prize

The Nobel Prizes and the existence of such a diversity of prizes, particularly for the area of ​​Mathematics, are justified because it is a transversal tool in many areas of scientific knowledge. All of these awards are, in fact, a consequence and proof that mathematics continues to develop intensely.

Zero Number

ZERO - The last digit to be created

The introduction of zero in the decimal system was a milestone in the development of a numerical system in which calculation with very large and very small numbers became possible.
Without the notion of zero, modeling processes in commerce, astronomy, physics, chemistry, industry and many other activities would have been impossible.
Let's go through, in a simplified way, the way the notion of zero came into being as we know it today.

Mathematical and Educational Games

Math games in the form of educational games, 3 online math games

In this article, after a very brief historical reference, 3 very accessible and educational mathematical games will be proposed, two of which can be played on internet addresses that present several online math games.
All are educational games and pedagogical mathematical games.

Maurits Cornelis Escher; CCA 3.0 MARCO AURÉLIO ESPARZA

Escher Exhibition in Lisbon, Museum of Popular Art

Escher's exhibition is on display at the Museum of Popular Art, in Lisbon, until May 27, 2018.
This Escher Exhibition in Lisbon presents more than 200 works by the artist Escher, in addition to lithographs, also didactic equipment, scientific experiments and some surprises.
Mathematical illusions and impossible shapes, not to be missed.

Countless Numbers

Countless numbers

Imagine a class in Athens, Ancient Greece, about the countless numbers we know today and why they are all necessary and useful.

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