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Welcome to our virtual space!

Thinking about creating a Blog implies, from the first minute, dedication and resilience.

How did the Bird on Shoulder®?

It started with a list of names that was added with ideas that came up, as we thought, talked to friends and listened to suggestions.

However, the day has come to make the decision and the time to choose.

But, after all, it was easier than we thought because, looking out the window, we saw birds flying, coming and going around a tree, chirping.

At that moment, inspiration and Bird flying came to ground us on the shoulder.

We trust the birds that fly around and that will come to rest on our shoulders, all the vigor of writing, the ability to choose good images and to bring good suggestions.

The themes are diverse and will bring to light what Life offers us, luckily enough to give it color and know how to implement them:

Environment, good food, science, How To Do, Culture, Entertainment and Management.

We intend to build a blog inspired by:

Simplicity: the simpler the better!

"Make things as simple as possible, but not too simple", as Albert Einstein said.

Learning: teach and learn, always!

“Only those who know that they don't know, seek to know”, Sócrates.

Share: that enriches us every moment.

“The greatness of a trade is undoubtedly in bringing people together; there is nothing more than an authentic and true luxury: that of human relations ”, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

We hope you enjoy and always come back!

Our mission, values ​​and some performance data we achieved can be seen on the page "About Us".

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For any contact, use the contact form that we make available on the blog.

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