Play Mini Golf Online and Hit the Hole

Play Mini Golf Online - Hit the Hole

Playing mini golf online is a game that requires skill and resilience in order to hit the hole with a minimum number of strokes on the ball.

Rules reading time: 4 minutes


Sometimes the hole is in a place where it will be difficult to place the ball in one stroke. It is a question that you have to decide according to your experience.

In each hole, the game features the respective “PAR”, initials of “Professional Average Result”. It is the number of strokes that are expected to be suitable for an average player.

Therefore, the most appropriate strategy will probably be to take the ball to the hole through successive strokes, taking PAR as the initial goal, for the number of strokes you must make until you hit the hole.

When you are more trained, the goal becomes to get the ball to the hole in fewer strokes.

Fig 1 Play Mini Golf Online
Fig 1 Play Mini Golf Online


Playing Mini Golf, challenges your strategy and calculation skills, to make the least number of strokes until you hit the hole.

Rules for Playing Mini Golf Online

Define the objective, that is, where we want the ball to be placed in each stroke. Point to that location and give the necessary strength to hit the ball. Take into account the slope of the terrain.

The game shows in each hole, the number of strokes you made and the respective PAR.

Terms used

All in One - When the ball reaches the hole in a single stroke.

PAR - number of strokes equal to the hole PAR.

Birdie - translated by “Passarinho”, certainly thinking about the Pássaro no Ombro, is to hit below the PAR of the hole.

Bogey - corresponds to a stroke above the hole PAR.

Eagle - two strokes below the hole PAR.

Fig 2 Strokes until you hit the hole
Fig 2 Strokes until you hit the hole


At the beginning of the game, an ad appears that you can skip if you want (Skip Ad!).

Next, there is an options button (cogwheel) that allows you to define whether you want to play with the full screen and also adjust the sound of both the game and the background music.

Finally, to take the ball until it hits the hole, you have to point the arrow in the correct direction and adjust the speed and force of the stroke, depending on the distance and the terrain accidents.


At the end of the game you are presented with the overall result, with the stage you reached and the respective score. It also has a performance indicator, with the number of stars (from 0 to 5) that you obtained in your game.

To start playing again, click on the “Delete” button.

Fig 3 Game Results
Fig 3 Game Results

You can also, if you want, register your result, associated with the name or pseudonym you choose.

To do this, you have to click on the “Access to save your progress” button. You will see the name listed along with those who have played through the Blog Pássaro no Ombro®.


You can play mini golf online, as you are licensed to Pássaro no Ombro®.

Other games available

Take advantage of the game and, at the same time, have fun hitting the hole and improving your performance.

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