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Math games in the form of educational games, 3 online math games

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A little of history

Games have been part of our life since the most remote times, being present not only in childhood but also at all times. Educational games, in particular pedagogical games and mathematical games, can be great allies in education, as they amuse, motivate, facilitate learning and increase the retention of what has been taught and learned, exercising the mental and intellectual functions of the players. Take advantage of online math games.

Archaeological remains are known to confirm the existence of games since 2600 BC in different cultures.

One of the oldest is the 'Jogo de Mancala', identified in Africa and Asia.

This type of game has many variants, and the board may have different amounts of cavities, the most frequent being 2X6, 2 × 10, 4 × 6 and 4 × 10.

The pieces are, in general, seeds, and the objective is to either capture the opponent's seeds or block them.

Mancala game Ancient cavities of Gebeta (mancala) at the base of an axumite stele, Aksum, Ethiopia
Mancala game Ancient cavities of Gebeta (mancala) at the base of an axumite stele, Aksum, Ethiopia
Two people playing a game
Two people playing a game
A West African board
A West African board
Current Folding Tray
Current Folding Tray

In Portugal, the oldest game referenced is the 'Jogo do Tavolado', common in the Middle Ages.

This game consisted of joining boards to form a castle capable of resisting the throwing of a spear.

At that time there were no mathematical games online.

The games, besides being attractive, have the capacity to generate a high learning potential, characteristics that provide the creation of several pedagogical games of mathematics with the scope of facilitating and consolidating teaching and learning. math learning, making it more captivating and attractive.

Educational games facilitate and stimulate learning through interaction and encourage the resolution of proposed problems, allowing the user to reason and stimulate their abilities.

The game is a type of activity that combines reasoning, strategy and reflection with challenge and competition in a very rich playful way. Educational team games can also encourage cooperative work. The practice of games, in particular strategy, observation and memorization games, contributes in an articulated way to the development of mathematical skills and to personal and social development.

When math games are inserted in class, or played with family and friends, they are no longer part of a simple game and have, in addition to their playfulness, an eminently pedagogical character. They are really educational math games.

We will present three of these educational games, all of them with very simple rules, hoping that you will enjoy and decide to play them, in particular accompanying children and young people. In another opportunity we will leave here other suggestions.

Good math games!

NIM - Educational games

Mathematical Game NIM
Mathematical Game NIM

Among all the math games known today, the game Him was the first game to be studied and used with mathematical application.

Although it is common to consider that this game originated in China, it is actually unknown, however it is known that it was already played in the Middle Ages by Chinese soldiers.


From Basic Education.


Logical reasoning, strategy, whole numbers.

Number of players.



There are several versions of this game, depending on the initial number of pieces and the number of groups that were initially formed.

Let's look at one of the versions, and then changes can be made to the number of heaps and the number of pieces in each heap, according to the players' option. The pieces can be toothpicks, beans or any other.

We start by grouping, on a table, n pieces, for example n = 15, in 3 piles of, for example, 3, 5 and 7 pieces.

During the game the two players, alternately, remove any number (not null) of pieces from only one of the group, being able to even remove all pieces from the chosen group.

The player who wins the last piece from the table wins the game.

A very interesting variant of the NIM mathematical game may be the following.

The game starts with 27 pieces in a single pile.

Alternately, each player can only take 1, 2, 3 or 4 pieces.

The player who removes the last piece loses.

And, of course, based on the basic idea, now each of you can create a 'NIM' game with its own rules ...

Educational games

HANOI TOWERS - Online Math Games

Towers of Hanoi
Towers of Hanoi


From Basic Education.


Logical reasoning, strategy, organization, planning.

Number of players.


PS: When a game is aimed at a single player it is usually called a 'puzzle game', this is the case for this game.


The game material consists of a base with 3 towers (in the figure, A, B and C) and several disks (in the figure 5 disks are represented, however they can never be less than 3 disks and can be added up to at least 10 disks) ).

Tower A is the 'origin tower', tower B the 'work tower' and tower C the 'destination tower'.

The game starts with all the disks inserted in the source tower and the objective is to move all the disks to the destination tower following the following two rules:

  1.  the player can only move a disc at each move;
  2.  a larger diameter disk can never be superimposed on a smaller diameter disk.

Once a good strategy is found, the player can face a new challenge: to play the game with an equal number of discs but with the least number of moves possible! This is the great challenge of this game. And, of course, the more records the greater the difficulty ...

This game has the particularity of being able to be played on the internet freely, since there are many addresses with different mathematical games online.

Each of the buttons takes you to a different page, but it is the same game. Try it, clicking the button, to access the pedagogical games.

Try these math games online!

online math games
Hanoi Tower
online math games
Hanoi Tower

As Towers of Hanoi licensed for Pássaro no Ombro.

Another educational game!


Game of 24 mathematical games online
Game of 24

Game of 24 - Pedagogical math games


From the 4th year of Basic Education.


Logical reasoning, planning, calculation.

Number of players.



Of the mathematical games, the 24 game consists of a series of cards with four numbers, some of which may be repeated.

Players have at their disposal the four basic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), they can use parentheses and, in each move, they can use one, some or all of the operations, repeated or not.

The objective is to always obtain result 24, using the four numbers on the card only once each.

The use of a calculator is not permitted.

The math game can be played with different versions:

1) without paper or pencil and only the player who signals in the first place that he already knows the answer is answered (the signaling can be, for example, placing your hand on the card in play);

2) with a maximum predefined time for the answer (two minutes, for example) after which, if there is no one who has answered, the card is removed from the game; in this version, only the fastest player will respond.

3) In a more 'socializing' version of this mathematical game, you can adopt the procedure described below, which allows all players to participate in all cards; in this version each player must be equipped with paper and pencil.

The cards are shuffled and placed in a pile with the numbers facing down.

The first card is turned over and each player, without the others seeing it, writes his resolution on paper, ending the play when all players have already announced that they have finished (whether or not they have an answer to present); if you prefer, a maximum reasonable period of time can be set for each move (usually two minutes) so as not to end game time.

Each player who wins receives the number of points corresponding to the number of pints found in each corner of the respective card (in the case of the example below, there will be 2 points).

Once a card is completed, proceed to the next until the pile is exhausted.

When the pile is exhausted, the player with the highest number of points wins.

With the following example it will be clearer: the player got it right and received 2 points.

Attention: do not confuse 6 with 9, normally 9 is 'filled'; as seen in this example, 9 is 'filled in' in red.

Online math games.

How to Play the game of 24 math games online.
How to Play the 24 game

The cards of these mathematical games can be purchased at a specialized store or, alternatively, can also be played, in free mode, at different addresses that present mathematical games online.

Here are some addresses that have this game available.

The software was created at the Grouping of Schools of Vouzela, within the scope of the 7th Edition of the Ilídio Pinho Foundation Award “Science at School”. Click here.

You can see here a version of the game of 24 presented in the form of 'slides'.

These pedagogical games currently have many other variants, and the cards may have fractional numbers, or allow the application of square and cubic powers and roots, or even present double cards in a more sophisticated version.

The explanation of these variants can be seen by clicking on the following image:

Math Games, Pedagogical Math Games. Educational games and Online Math Games.
Math activities, educational games.

Hopefully you can have fun with these educational games and educational games.

Free online games available, licensed for Pássaro no Ombro. See also these games and information:

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