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Hello! The Bird Welcomes You

Welcome to the Blog that will accompany you in the near future!

We hope that this is the Blog, whose content and themes are of interest and pleasure. So, welcome to Pássaro no Ombro!

We have a long professional career and the experience we have acquired, we want to share with you. For more details you can see who we are on the Blog page.

As for the topics we cover, you can consult the Menu.

However, if you want more detail, you can read, if you wish, what we want to do and also ours vision and values.

Welcome Hello Bonjour Hello Salut
Hello Bonjour Hello Salut

The path is made by walking, as I would say Fernando Pessoa. and therefore, with your comments and suggestions, we hope that the journey will be rewarding.

Our motto is learn, always! Welcome!

Until now!

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10 thoughts on “Hello! The Bird Welcomes You ”

  1. Manuel Fausto Alves Barabosa

    Congratulations, Pedro,
    We are following your project with all the enthusiasm and we hope that it will continue to “fly” with you.

  2. Manuel Fausto Alves Barabosa

    Congratulations, Pedro,
    Excellent your Project, we really liked it and we will continue to follow your “tips” and all the information

    Faustus Barbaosa

  3. Congratulations Pedro
    I already have the Bird on my shoulder and a great satisfaction in participating in your dream and seeing the Bird perching on everyone's shoulder still have hope for a better world.
    Jose Rosmaninho

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