Game of Capitals of the World and Discover Capitals of Countries

World Capitals Game. Use Memory and Come and Find Out!

We need challenges that exercise our neurons, to maintain a healthy mind, able to face the problems of everyday life. With this World Capitals game, we want you to focus, in a fun and motivating way. Some countries and their respective capitals are so popular that our memory quickly finds the answer. But other countries, either because they are more distant or because we don't hear about them regularly, are almost forgotten. Reactivate your memory and knowledge to discover the Capitals of Countries.

One thing is certain, if you don't get the answer right you will learn one more thing. Learning, always!

Time reading rules: 3 minutes


This is also why educational game that makes it possible to train skills and increase culture.

The practice of this game of the Capitals of the World contributes to the well-being of the brain and its neurons are grateful.

The game has several levels of difficulty and as it increases, the countries will be less known and the names of the Capitals more difficult to remember.

World Capitals Game

The objective is, therefore, to discover the Capitals of the Countries that are presented to us.

For a player.

Rules for the Game of Capitals

You have 10 seconds, but don't rush into the answer. After that time without an answer, it is considered incorrect and the next question is asked.

World Capitals Game
World Capitals Game

World Capitals Game Instructions

You have to click to select the Country Capital, from the four options presented to you.

You have 10 seconds to answer. The game shows the time remaining and the number of correct answers.

The game has 3 stages, each with 5 questions.

At the beginning of the game an advertisement appears that, if you want, you can skip.

In any game, it has an options button (cogwheel) that allows you to define whether you want to play with the full screen and also adjust the sound of both the game and the background music.

Your Performance, Discovering Capital Cities

At the end of the game, you are presented with the overall result, with the number of correct answers and the time spent. It also has an performance, with the number of stars (0 to 5) you obtained in the exercise.

To start playing again, click on the “delete” button.

Discover the Capitals of the World and have fun!


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