Trivial Pursuit online game

Free Online Trivial Pursuit Game

The online Trivial Pursuit Game allows you to train your knowledge in different subjects such as history, science, geography, art and sport.

Rules reading time: 3 minutes

Purpose of the Trivial Game

It is a playful way to improve your knowledge and general culture.

You have to answer the questions as quickly as possible to beat your opponent!

Rules and Instructions for Trivial Pursuit

At the beginning of the game, an ad appears that you can skip if you want (Skip Ad!).

Register your name or alias. If you are using your mobile phone and there is difficulty with this registration, skip ahead.

When the game starts you can invite the “Robot” to play against you.

Image 1 Invite the Robot to Play
Image 1 – Invite the Robot to the Trivial Pursuit Game

Next, there is an options button (cogwheel) that allows you to define whether you want to play with the full screen and also adjust the sound of both the game and the background music.

It now remains to answer the questions that are put to you.

There are 5 themes, each with 3 questions:

  • History
  • Science
  • Geography
  • Art
  • Sport
Image 2 Drawing of Trivial Pursuit Game Themes
Image 2 – Drawing of Trivial Game Pursuit themes

When the topic is drawn, the question appears and four answer options are presented. Choose the correct one.

Image 3 Question and answer options
Image 3 – Trivial Pursuit question and answer options

When you win, you accumulate “monsters” and the more questions you answer correctly, the greater the number of monsters' lives.

When this monster acquisition phase ends, it moves to a monster fight phase.

The category of questions becomes random.

The player who answers correctly takes a life to the opponent's monster until the monsters are eliminated.

When the phase of having lost all the monsters comes, the player has to fight, and if he loses, the opponent wins by ending the game.

Image 4 Final Round of Questions in the Trivial Game
Image 4 – Final Round of Questions in the Trivial Game

Trivial Pursuit Game Result

When you win, the victorious result appears.

Image 5 Game Results
Image 5 – Game Results

To return to play click on the “X” button.


So let's go to the Trivial Pursuit Game online, free and licensed for Pássaro no Ombro®.

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