Time difference between clocks

Calculate Time Difference. Challenge your skills and play!

We need challenges that exercise our brain, to keep a healthy mind. In this game to calculate the difference between hours, we want you to concentrate, in a fun and motivating way. The game forces you to calculate the difference of hours and minutes between two clocks. Train the hours, having fun.

Time reading rules: 3 minutes

One thing is certain, if you don't get the answer right, you can try again. Discover the fastest and most accurate way to organize a response strategy. Learning Always and with open mind!

Difference Between Hours on Two Clocks
Image: Time difference between the two clocks


It is a pedagogical game that allows you to improve mathematical calculation skills, train the hours, using the duodecimal system.

Calculate Time Difference

Thus, the goal is to calculate the difference in hours and minutes between the two clocks.

For a player.

Rules for the Time Difference Game

You have as much time as you want to answer, but the more time you use, the less good your result will be.

The game shows the time that has passed and the number of correct answers.

Game of Hours Instructions

At the beginning of the game, an ad appears that you can skip if you want (Skip Ad!).

Next there is an options button (gearwheel) that allows you to define whether you want to play with the full screen and, also, adjust the sound of both the game and the background music.

Game of Hours Settings
Image: Game of Hours Definitions

Finally, to answer the question, you have to click on the hour and minute button to define the difference.

The game has 10 questions.

The Result, Calculating Time Difference

At the end of the game, the overall result is shown, with the number of correct answers and the time spent. It also has a performance indicator, with the number of stars (from 0 to 5) that you obtained in your exercise.

To start playing again, click on the “Delete” button.

Show Results Flag Identification
Show Results Flag Identification

You can also, if you want, register your result, associated with the name you enter. To do this, you have to click on the “Access to save your progress” button. You will see the name listed along with those who have played through the Blog Pássaro no Ombro®.


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Come calculate the difference between hours and have fun!

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