Boat trip in Setúbal

Boat Tour and Wine Tasting

The meeting in Setúbal

There we were singing and laughing in the direction of Setúbal, looking for the pier where we would start for our boat trip and wine tasting.

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Wine Tasting on Boat Trip

The Catamaran was waiting for us Good idea, manned by Pierre, owner of the tourist animation company, À Vela Passeios, which operates in the Sado and Sesimbra estuary area.

This tour of ours was organized by Conceição Gato, an “expert” in event organization. In this, he combined the boat trip in the blue of the Sado with a tasty wine tasting.

Wine Tasting and Boat Trip
Wine Tasting and Boat Trip

For the selection of wines, Conceição also counted on the knowledge of the well-known Winemaker, Mário Louro.

Boat Tour and Wonder Team
Boat Tour and Maravilha Team, Conceição, Mário Louro and Miguel

Mestre Oenologist, Eng Mário Louro, likes to do this kind of experiments. It is neither a class nor a professional wine tasting. It is a wine tasting for people who like to enjoy them.

For this reason, guests were often challenged to make their educated guesses about the grape varieties that were being presented. But, between a Syrah that was not and a Chardonnay that looked more like a Sauvigon Blanc, we shared this experience of aromas and flavors.

Of course, at each round of wine tasting, Mestre always ended up enlightening us about the less noticeable and complex characteristics of wines.

And, as we are learn, always, the teaching “wine has no smell, has an aroma” remains!

In the end, after the 12 wines chosen and savored by us, we ended with a Portuguese Gin, from Ribatejo, Gotik, with a small sliver of pumpkin butter.

Marialfarroba snacks

We already knew the Maria locust bean and its owner, Miguel Barros. We just didn't know that Miguel was passionate about these maritime trips.

He was one of the guests of this good experience and was accompanied by some snacks appropriate to the occasion and, therefore, we were able to accompany the wine tasting, with a very cozy stomach.

We were surprised by the quality and originality of the snack, with duck and chicken patties and vegetable pie, closing with an exquisite sweet.

The sea does us good!

Life is Beautiful

In a peaceful and cheerful environment, with excellent wines, the event's great dynamizer, Conceição, managed to get the group to unite around the songs, which took us from the Alentejo cante to the well-known Italian songs.

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