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Meaning of Lumen Watt LED Lamp

Watt vs Lumen and Fluorescent LED or CFL Lamps

Let's look at how to opt for a more energy efficient light bulb and the costs involved. How Watt compared to Lumen and how to choose between fluorescent and LED.

Situation of Gender Inequality in Portugal

Situation of Gender Inequality in Portugal

We will analyze the situation of gender inequality in Portugal, comparing it with the countries that have the best ranking in the human development index (HDI) of the United Nations Report.

Request for Reassessment of IMI Online

IMI Online Reassessment Request, How To

How to request an IMI reassessment online to the Tax Authority. There are parameters that can be decisive for a possible reassessment.

Human Development Index in Portugal Evolution and Ranking of the HDI

Human Development Index in Portugal

We analyzed the human development index in Portugal from the United Nations 2020 Report. Comparison of the Ranking and Evolution of the HDI.

Flying Bee Game

Flying Bee game online and free

Let's go to the Flying Bee Game, an opportunity to challenge your visual and motor skills. Have a good time!

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